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Front Page of is now closed. It was a 9-year-old site whose goal was to give clients access to cheaper meds (generic) which are safe and internationally certified. Like any other site, it guaranteed 100% client satisfaction from its products and service. The store’s office was located in London, UK, and its medicines were sourced directly from renowned Indian manufacturers.

Both brand and generic name medications were sold by to provide freedom to its clients with regards to choosing their preferred medications. But, encouraged clients to purchase the generic ones since the generics are the same in terms of composition and effectiveness with the brand-name ones. offers an in-depth discussion of the benefits of generic medication over the brand-name ones on one of its sections.

A number of medical categories were catered to by Pharma Store. These medical categories that offered its service to range from Alcoholism to Women’s health. The products sold by included almost all of the typical medical products which may be found in local drugstores.

Since that was the case, I was able to find Erectile Dysfunction meds on the site, and I was able to see both the brand-name and generic ones available. Viagra made by Pfizer is sold by for $83.95 for 8 pills. Cialis from Lilly is sold at $119.95 for 8 pills of the drug. Of course, the generic analogs of these products are much cheaper; for instance, Generic Viagra is only sold at $52.95 for a bunch of 20 pills of the same 100 mg content as the brand-name variant. Generic Cialis is sold cheaply too—only $59.95 for 20 pills of the 20 mg variant.

Standard airmail shipping was charged $9.95 by Pharma Store for its clients, while it charged $29.95 for Trackable service (EMS shipping). There was also an optional parcel insurance (to guarantee parcel reshipment) which is 10% of the order cost. Clients may be able to pay for the shipping cost and the products through Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and JCB credit cards.

Live chat support was available, as well as phone and email support; however, since the store’s now closed, there is no point using these contact details to reach Pharma Store.

Support team email:

[email protected]

Support team phone:

+1 866 417 58 21 Reviews

Reviews, especially firsthand buyer reviews, are good parameters of any shop’s reliability. As for Pharma Store, this shop had good reviews from its customers, indicating that it was a reliable store back then, back when it was still functional. Some reviews available for this web pharmacy included these two comments from Hugh and Juno: Feedback Feedback

Juno, a previous client, thanked for the service it gave and told that re-orders created by the site’s good service. Hugh, on the other hand, confirmed that he was able to receive all his orders from

Both consumers were happy with their order turnout and apart from these two users, more buyers had their good comments for Pharma Store comments posted online.

Pharmastore Reviews 2016

Before the shop finally closed down at the end of 2016, the shop was still able to garner reviews from its buyers. Like the former reviews for the shop, the 2016 reviews for this online pharmacy were still as good as the old comments: Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

Jeremy confirmed as well and related how he was concerned about the site because it disappeared for a time. But despite that, Jeremy was able to receive his orders.

James thanked for the timely arrival of his orders and told in his review that he was able to safely use the site, and haven’t seen any unusual card activity.

It is regretful that Pharma Store finally closed down despite the presence of constructive reviews for its service.

Pharma Store Coupon Codes

A number of discount offers were offered by for its clients. For instance, for Halloween, clients are given by a 5% discount coupon through the code “5OFF”.

Freebies from
Freebies from

Aside from that, Pharmastore is offering a number of free pills for its clients for orders more than 60 pieces of ED medications. Returning clients are also given discounts on their 2nd and further orders—they are eligible for 5-8% discounts on their reorders.

Discount Table for Returning Buyers of
Discount Table for Returning Buyers of

The deals available for consumers on Pharma Store were enticing; however, since this store’s now closed, buyers could no longer use these discount deals anywhere online.

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