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Home Page of PharmNet is a USA based online pharmacy that has been running for many years. It is approved by the DEA and TSBP. They do not import meds from foreign countries and are strictly against selling the imported drugs. They do not sell the prescription drugs without prescription, but do provide a prescription online service which proves that they are abiding by the laws very diligently. The prices are very high and a tablet of 25mg Viagra costs about $33.42, a price which no man in bright mind would pay. main assortments are Erectile Dysfunction related drugs, but they also sell drugs for diabetes and other physical health related problems along with many different multivitamins and supplements.

The customers who are interested in buying the drugs from them can use their Visa, Master, American Express cards. If anybody has any problems with the website or they are not satisfied with their products they would be disappointed to know that the website has no effective way of forwarding the complaints. There is no toll-free number and there is no option about the live chat either. There is only one method of forwarding your complaint and that is via the old, traditional method of Emailing which could take up to days for a simple reply.

Although the website is not very attractive, Pharmnet offers various delivery options. One is the standard delivery option that can cost about $1.95. It can take up to 9-12 days for delivery if the users provide their prescription via the email method. Another way of delivering is the priority shipping that costs about $5.95 and can take up to a maximum of 7-8 days if the users provide them with their own prescriptions. The last method is the express shipping that can take up to $22.95 and will take 5-7 days to the maximum if the users give them their own prescriptions. It must be noticed that if you take prescriptions from them, it can take much lesser time for delivery. Coming to the refund policy, obviously NO. The company does not provide any refund for the prescription meds but does provide a refund if the meds are prescription free or that the parcel is damaged.

PharmNet Reviews: has not been able to impress me at all, to be very honest. It doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a good online pharmacy. Supporting my point of view is the absence of reviews regarding the functionality and credibility which it claims to deliver to its customers. The reviews are not being present on unbiased review websites, indicating poor popularity of Pharmnet among customers. Reviews 2016:

Scamadvisor Advice for
Scamadvisor Advice for

Just like other years, the customer feedback for in 2016 is non-existent. The absence of reviews even on the official site of a drug store means that either it is receiving feedback that is too poor to publish on the website, or it does not even have actual customers. Scam adviser reported that this website has been reported to host or sell illegal content and that some suspicious activities have been reported in

Pharm Net Coupon Codes:

Yes, this section gives another valid reason to start doubting the existence of the crew behind this drug store. No discounts are being given. No deals are present and no coupons are offered to anyone here. This pharmacy has been in the online market for more than 3 years as reported by scam reporting sites, yet it doesn’t seem/want to understand how the system works here, since discounts and deals are the most effective way of attracting new customers and to expand business in any field.

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