Review – Store Appearing to be an Empty Pharmacy Main Page Main Page is an online store with a modest set-up. Initially, you will only see one product available in the shop, but as you browse the store, you can find several products available on the store. I thought that only sold a blood sugar monitor system and nothing else, but as I browsed through the content of, I actually saw that had products for personal care, diabetes, vitamins, sexual health products, baby care, and other products.

According to the data available on the store, the products of are sourced from the United States. did not have its “about us” section but the store had a few bits of information accessible on the store. Since the shop assures all of its clients that its medications only come from the United States, the buyers are certain that all of the medications are all FDA approved. Clients of can be sure that the meds are manufactured under stringent standards, so the medications are all safe, as well as effective.

The items on are a mix of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Over-the-counter or OTC products and cosmetic products found on such as supplements, skin care items, and medical supplies may be bought without providing any prescription. On the other hand, requires that buyers submit the appropriate prescriptions from licensed medical practitioners for its Rx products. does not provide any online consultation or any health evaluation process, so buyers of Rx medicines should be able to provide the Rx their medical orders require.

The store even had a section for sexual health medications so I was able to take a look at the prices of the products sold by the store. Since the shop only has US-sourced or brand-name medicines, the only impotence products available on are Viagra and Cialis. The minimum price for Viagra on is $167 per five pills of the 100 mg and the minimum price for Cialis is $182 for also the same quantity (5 pills) of the 20 mg variant. These prices, though, are rather steep and are higher than the typical online prices for the same products. However, I still think that these impotence medications are still relatively cheaper than the ones available on brick and mortar pharmacies.

With regards to shipping, has several shipping options available, and its Rx and non-Rx products’ shipping fees vary as well. Shipping costs incurred by the prescription orders are $22.95, $5.25, and $1.95, while the non-Rx orders are charged $24.95, $8.95, and $4.95 because the non-Rx items are usually larger. Of course, the prices of the shipping indicate their speed for delivery; the higher rates denote a faster service, while the lower rates signify slower service. Returns are not allowed for Rx medicines, but the non-Rx products are allowed for return, provided that they are damaged or incorrect. The store, however, charges a 10% restocking fee for the orders.

As for the payments, accepts payments from credit cards and the store does not honor discounts or insurances. For contacting the store, the buyers can use the contact page, but there seems to be an error on the page, which means that the shop could not be reached. Reviews

There were no buyer commendations available for I tried searching the web for mentions for the store, but no reviews for surfaced, even with the use of various search engines.

The buyers may have been put off by the “empty” aura of the site and therefore did not bother to have their orders processed in the store. The lack of reviews signifies a lack of popularity on the store’s end; also, a store with no reviews are typically harder to trust, as reviews represent any store’s performance and reliability. Reviews 2016

I thought it best to take a good look at the store using online platforms which are as good as review sites. The ones I used were Legit Script and Scam Adviser. Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy

According to the result from Legit Script, the store was an unapproved internet pharmacy. This result means that was unable to measure up to the standards set by the platform for online stores. Trust Rating Trust Rating was also rated poorly by Scam Adviser. The store given to the online pharmacy was 65 out of 100 and it was due to the detected unapproved pharmacy status for the store and its detected malware reports. The shop was indeed located in the United States, which was consistent with the claim of the online store. Although the store’s score was a bit higher than the average, the shop was also labeled as unsafe due to the concerns identified by Scam Adviser. Coupon Codes

I also looked into details for to see if it had available coupon codes for its clients. However, the store explicitly states that it does not offer discounts and it also does no acknowledge insurance discounts from any company. allows only the buyers to pay for their orders by themselves and therefore does not offer any form of savings for its buyers.

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