is Seized: One Less Place to Shop for Meds Online

The domain name of is seized by the ICE-HSI department of the United States. The online stores commonly seized by this department are usually those which are found out as non-compliant with the rules set by the US government when it comes to the online shop operations. There are stores such as which are not too lucky, as they are seized by the government, unlike some shops which just exit quietly. There is no definite process for the website seizure for the online stores, we’re just surprised one day that one online store is now gone and instead of the usual content, there is a “seized” website notice seen on the domain. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

The United States District Court was the issuing body for this seizure notice. We hoped to see more detailed information why was shut down by the government, but we were unable to view more details for the offenses of History

The store was similar to various online stores we’ve previously visited in the past, so we’re guessing this is another affiliate marketing website. Being an affiliate marketing website, had the same products as its predecessor or its source store. There was nothing new on—the prices were similar to other online stores. Products for erectile dysfunction cost $0.90 to $1.50, which are average impotence product prices. There are stores with lower prices than, the shop’s prices are already reasonable. Home Page Home Page

There were no other products on save for the erectile dysfunction treatments. The products on the shop included Aurogra gel, Vegro, Hindgra, Filitra, Sidigra, Zenegra, Fildena, and other impotence treatment brands. However, it is odd that the product descriptions on the store were a bit off, and some statements for the products seem to have no significance to the products marketed by the shop. operated for only a few years, as the records for this online store existed during 2013 to 2016, which gives the shop 3 years when it came to online operations. As for online reviews, did not have buyer comments for its service and the store also did not have reviews for it by authors for pharmacy reviews. Alternatives

If you’re looking for other online stores to replace, you won’t be disappointed as we currently have a list of Top Vendors which you can consider when it comes to online drug purchases. These stores have low prices for the meds you have in mind, and they also have a wide assortment of products to choose from. The stores on our list of online shops are excellent places to shop your meds from, as they won’t rip you off like other websites. Instead, you can trust that they will ship your orders and you can also be assured of receiving authentic products which are effective and absolutely safe to use.

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