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I discovered PharmplexDirect when I started searching for reliable online drugstores. So here I was, scouring the Internet for cheaper, yet safe drug products.

PharmplexDirect is an online pharmacy store selling a myriad of over the counter and prescription drugs. It is based in the UK and was founded in 2009.

First of all, when I opened their webpage, it really struck me that they have a vast range of products for almost all conditions. They also have a section for makeup and perfumes. Also, it was very easy to navigate and search what you are looking for. Not only that, they have listed the drugs for impotence under a heading called Embarrassing. How true! They had medications ranging from analgesics to sleeping aids. They also had a section for veterinary medicines. But my concern was drugs for erectile dysfunction, that is the category that is so liked by scamming online pharmacies, so I browsed for that.

I found that on average 8 pills of Viagra costs $76. They also had other impotence related drugs with similar price range. All their products are FDA approved too. Viagra is a prescription requiring drug, I found out that PharmplexDirect have their own system of online distant consultation. You have to fill a form while checking out and they charge you the fees which is around $10.

PharmplexDirect also accepts almost all the major credit and debit cards as form of payment. They also ship to almost any part of the world with shipping fees starting from $8 based on weight of your order. They also have advertised their number in case you have any questions. I tried calling them, but the line was quite busy at that time. They also have all the required quality certification from NHS and various other governing institutes of UK. They also have Trust pilot certification as a proof of its online reputation. It seems to be an excellent website, but I will reserve my judgment until I have read what customers say about PharmplexDirect. Reviews:

On searching for reviews about PharmplexDirect as an online retailer, I found that users on Trustpilot have given it a rating of 9 out 10. This makes PharmplexDirect a highly reliable and trustworthy retailer. has excellent reviews on TrustPilot has excellent reviews on TrustPilot

However, to my dismay, when I looked for testimonials of customers on PharmplexDirect, I found a user, Jill, complaining that he had an “inadequate experience with bad communications”. He had been refunded because a product which he purchased was not available, he was delayed for a week. However, the good thing was that the PharmplexDirect team promptly replied and explained themselves. Very professional I must say. Another customer Mahmoud Hassan also claims that they have a bad after service support.

While other reviews on the net are not so good
While other reviews on the net are not so good

He had a wrong address which he wanted to change, but there was no response. However, I see that none of the complaints are about their products itself. So, I believe sometimes problems do crop up while shipping to international countries. The good thing is, most other customers have a good opinion of PharmplexDirect, hence such an excellent rating from a third party website. This site is very good.

And some customers are not satisfied with the service
And some customers are not satisfied with the service Reviews 2016:

However, just to make sure the online vendor is still in shape, I tried searching for latest 2016 testimonials. They were mostly positive.

But recent reviews are mostly positive
But recent reviews are mostly positive

Barbara say PharmplexDirect is “easy to deal with and prompt delivery” and that she would continue to use PharmplexDirect in future also. Kerry on the other hand say that they have an excellent service. “I have been purchasing from PharmplexDirect for many years and I never had a single complaint. My order always arrive promptly.”

ScamAdviser has also no issues with Pharmplexdirect
ScamAdviser has also no issues with Pharmplexdirect

Apart from these glowing reviews, the scam advisor site also confirmed PharmplexDirect is a 100% safe website. What more can I want? Coupon Codes:

Well, answering my own question, I now want to know if they offer discounts and deals so I can make further savings. And yes, they do! I found they discount a % off when you have coupon codes. They also seem to have vouchers on and off which they offer for specific brands. It is great to save money on coupons and vouchers. does provide some coupons does provide some coupons

The advantage of ordering online from trusted retailers is that you frequently save lots of money in the long run. Also, when medications are so expensive, it is a great relief to be able to economise something.

And they offer nice 10% discount on their own site
And they offer nice 10% discount on their own site
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