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Bodybuilders have yet to add another online steroid store to their list of steroid-vending sites; this time, it is a website offering Free shipping for any clients’ first order, unlike the typical ‘roid sites having a quota of $600 for free shipping qualification. claims to have the most popular, best quality, and reasonably-priced substances for sale. Its info says that is a legit reseller of famous steroid manufacturers such as Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Ice Pharmaceuticals, SP laboratories, Alpha Pharma, and many others. This company started  in 2013 and has its shipping centers in EU.’s meds lineup include mostly steroids (hence the name), body-building supplements, post-cycle therapy products, HCG, Human growth hormones, sexual health meds, and weight loss meds. According to, all of its products are genuine, and none are counterfeit. even encourages clients to check its manufacturers’ websites to verify if it is a legal distributor of the products. But, there was no mention of any accreditation from any drug-regulating body such as the FDA. Well, this is one trait that I’ve observed across steroid sites; not one is claiming to sell FDA-approved medication.

Although is well-known for vending controlled substances like the steroids, it does not oblige its clients to present prescriptions upon ordering. I have no idea if steroids are still illegal to vend. I know for a fact that some countries are strict in implementing the regulation of controlled substances like steroids, and will go as far as to arrest civilians found in possession of the contrabands. So, even if does not ask clients for prescriptions and declares that buyers may freely purchase anything from the site, clients should weigh their options well before ordering anything from any site selling illegal substances.

I have noticed that alongside the steroid products are also products for improvement of men’s sexual health such as the ED meds. Since some steroid manufacturers have ED meds too, some steroid sites like choose to dispense ED meds too, by default. In this pharmacy’s case, since Ice Pharma and Balkan Pharmaceuticals also make ED meds, then these meds were also seen in’s site. ED items available in are only Iceman (Sildenafil citrate) and Esculap (Tadalafil), though. But these are cheap; the Iceman Sildenafil is only sold at $26 for 10 (100 mg), and the Esculap Tadalafil costs only $11 for 5 tabs of the 20 mg type.

When it comes to shipping, charges $25 on all orders for the Airmail option. It is the only shipping option the pharmacy has, as it does not offer Express shipping. The orders are shipped 1 to 5 days after the payments are received, and will arrive at the clients’ doorsteps in about 7 to 21 business days. does not provide any tracking information to its clients, due to “security” purposes. As a client, I am bummed out knowing that the pharmacy refuses to send me my tracking details, as it is my right as a client to know where my package is at. As for the refunds, in any event, that the clients were unable to receive the packages due to delivery failure, is willing to reship or refund the money to its clients.

As for payments, accepts Western Union, Money Gram, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer payments. In case the buyers opt to pay their dues via credit card, they are encouraged to contact support via’s Ticket system using the contact form on the site. The pharmacy has no live or online chat support, phone numbers, or physical addresses posted on the site, which kind of creeps me out. I don’t see why this site did not have any contact information available for its clients; it is basic to any site to have contact information readily available for clients, especially if the site will take payments from its clients. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

There was a source discussion thread for, which couldn’t actually qualify as a review because there was no resolution to it. Anyway, the client Lsmithpn posted about 2 years ago in, and told in his review that he was having trouble locating his purchase using the tracking number given by the site. According to the user’s comment, it was already a week since gave the tracking number, and still, it isn’t working. was able to reply to the user, but there was no definite resolution on the matter. The client again commented that he checked the tracking number again, but was still invalid 10 days since it was given. There was no reply from and the user since.

I was not pleased that there wasn’t any review relevant to, and therefore making it hard for me to know whether this site is legit or not. But since there is no review available for it, I assume that it is not the pharmacy we’d like to order from.

Pharmroids Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Pharmroids
Scamadviser Report on Pharmroids

Current year reviews for are unavailable too, so I tried checking the site with Scam Adviser to see what was the Scam Adviser’s take on’s security aspect.

It was nice knowing that got a 91% for its security rating. It means that clients need not worry about having their contact/bank info stolen from the site. But, I think that this safety rating is rather irrelevant as mainly takes payments from money orders like WU and MG. Bitcoin payment does not involve much personal information too, unlike credit card and bank payments.

Although this analysis is actually surprising to see, I can’t just trust the site fully because this is just one aspect of the site and does not represent the clients’ take on’s actual service.

Pharm Roids Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Pharm Roids
Free Airmail Delivery for First Order on Pharm Roids

It was this catchphrase that got me interested in According to this promo banner, all orders from first-time clients are shipped free of charge; that meant 25 dollars’ worth of savings on the clients’ part. But, as I clicked on the banner, I was just redirected to the contact page; I was expecting to see the offer’s fine print. There wasn’t any follow-up information on this promo. It sure was catchy; but useless.

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