Pills.pro Review – Website with a Long Service History and no Real Consumer Reviews

Pills.pro Main Page
Pills.pro Main Page

I recently visited the shop Pills.pro and found nothing on the store but an advisory from its hosting service that the domain Pills.pro is now for sale. This means that its domain registry may have already expired or that the company or the shop’s owners failed to maintain their payments to the hosting service provider. Despite the offline status of Pills.pro, I was able to retrieve information for the online pharmacy and I discovered that instead of being an actual “pharmacy”, Pills.pro was another online store posing as an international prescription service, which connects consumers with actual ground pharmacies to help them avail of cheaper medications.

There was nothing on its data indicating the shop’s location. Pills.pro, despite having its own “about us” section, did not state where it operates from or when its service began. Using third-party platforms, though, I was able to determine that Pills.pro has its location in Russia or Germany and that it has operated for more than 10 years.

Both brand-name and generic pills are sold in the store, although Pills Pro marketed its generic items more. It also claimed that all of the products available are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), even the generic ones accessible on the website. Consumers were not asked by the shop to provide their prescriptions, despite the no-Rx policy being deliberately illegal.

Like the archetypal online drugstores, Pills Pro presented its products using the medical conditions they are relevant to. Consumers were able to browse the meds for gastric health, mental illness, skin care, diuresis, weight loss, motion sickness, diabetes, cancer, and other medical conditions. Though most of these products are prescription-only, the consumers were able to avail of the meds on the store even without providing the appropriate prescriptions for the products. Amongst all the meds on Pills Pro, the store had the meds Viagra Professional, Zithromax, Cialis Professional, Zoloft, Cipro, along with several others as the best-selling products.

Impotence products are meds which spark my concern, so despite the shop being non-operational, I still tried to gather data for the impotence medicine product costs on the shop. Luckily, the archives had data for the erectile dysfunction product prices—the store sold Cialis for as low as $1.31 per unit, it sold Viagra for as low as $0.92 per unit and it sold Levitra for as low as $2.35 per unit. Of course, these prices were the bulk product prices, so the initial purchase amounts were much higher.

There is no data for the shipping costs on Pills.pro because the store is now offline. However, I was able to discover that the shop accepted payments from consumers via E-checks, MasterCard credit cards, and VISA credit cards.

For non-deliveries, Pills.pro guaranteed the provision of refunds. The shop was contacted by its clients using its “contact page” with an email integration function.

Pills.pro Reviews

Since there were no reviews for Pills.pro online, I only settled with the on-site reviews for Pills Pro. As expected, the consumer reviews for the web store were all constructive of the shop:

Pills.pro Testimonial
Pills.pro Testimonial

Not only were the comments purely constructive of the service rendered them by Pills Pro, these same comments were also discoverable in similar online pharmacies, and for no apparent reason. These testimonials exist on other web pharmacies as well, indicating that these alleged testimonials were nothing but fake statements which were probably intended to manipulate consumers into buying merchandise on Pills Pro.

No third-party consumer comments exist for Pills.pro, so I continue to doubt its credibility as an online pharmacy.

Pills.Pro Reviews 2016

Since Pills Pro closed starting 2013, the shop obviously did not have referrals to it from various sources such as independent review platforms or at least from users or members of forum websites. Because of the lack of avenues to secure web analysis for Pills Pro, I was forced to use Scam Adviser, one of the reliable platforms when it comes to objective domain evaluations.

Pills.pro Has Been Threat Listed
Pills.pro Has Been Threat Listed

Scam Adviser noted that Pills Pro is currently a threat listed site which was given an overall score of 56%. The trust rating of the shop was not really high and the store was also identified as a “ROGUE” pharmacy since 2012. Because of the risks identified for Pills.pro (malware reports, free contact details, high-risk country operations, and affiliations with high-risk sites.

Pills.pro Coupon Codes

I tried searching for coupon codes if there were any available even from the retrieved data for the online pharmacy. Pills Pro’s no-coupon status may have also pushed the consumers away because buyers love great deals, discounts, and even freebies.

The shop, though, offered decreasing product costs for every listing on the store, but the Pills Pro did not have offers other than these.

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