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Pillsbrothers.com Front
Pillsbrothers.com Front

Pillsbrothers.com is another online pharmacy selling branded and generic prescription meds and ships globally. This pharmacy is a family business run by licensed pharmacists and is different from the others because it is based in India, unlike the other sites which are usually based in UK, Canada, or the US. According to the site info, the site has been in the meds sourcing business since 2012. Pillsbrothers.com has two mirror websites including Pillsbrothers.cc and Pillsbrothers.is. Among them, Pillsbrothers.cc is currently unreachable, and Pillsbrothers.com is redirecting to Pillsbrothers.is. So, the currently active site is Pillsbrothers.is only.

All the products being sold on this site are approved by the FDA for export. The main office of this site is located in India, and that is where the meds are manufactured and shipped from. This site also allows the sale for prescription meds even without the actual prescriptions from the clients’ doctors, although the site advises the clients to have the necessary consultations and recommendations before ordering. This, I think is dangerous, given the possible risks in taking meds without the proper doctors’ advice.

There are a lot of meds that can be bought from this site, but like all the others, this site also specializes in selling Erectile Dysfunction meds. As it can be expected with sites selling generics, the ED meds here are super cheap. The site’s location is also a factor for the products’ cheap pricing; since the site is located in India, there are lower operation costs as compared to the sites which are located in US or UK or Canada. The site’s Sildenafil costs around a dollar only each for the 100 mg variant (depending on the preferred brand, but all of them are pretty much the same) for retail. Wholesale prices are much, much lower. As for generic Cialis (Tadalafil), the site has it for a dollar each too for retail. The prices get cheaper for larger purchases.

As for payments, the site accepts payments from clients using MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin. All the products are shipped free of charge for a minimum of $50 on order via Airmail shipping (takes up to 28 days to arrive). The site also offers EMS/Express delivery for just $18 and free for orders $250 up; but at the moment, the service is suspended. It would have been great to have used this courier option as it is much faster, taking only 5-8 business days to ship the orders.

I liked how this site’s return and refund policy is geared towards the client’s’ favor. Returns are allowed here, if ever the clients are not fully satisfied with the products. Support can be contacted to prepare the return label for the orders. The site also has a money-back guarantee on all orders which are not delivered. The clients can choose to have their orders reshipped for free, or have their money refunded to their accounts. Also, all postage charges are to be also refunded by the site, for all the products returned in full.

Customer support is available for clients, but only through e-mail. The site can be left a message in the “contact us” portion of the site. It is a little tricky to find, though, as it is located on the site. There are no phone numbers to call the site with, but the company posted its physical address, in case clients would like to pay them a visit or send them mail.

Pillsbrothers.com Reviews:

I was thrilled seeing the site, and I thought that since this site was so transparent in saying where it was really from, I presumed that I would find some good reviews about it. But I was dead wrong. There are no reviews existing for this site, either from within site or from third-party site reviewers.

Well, this did not help much with the site’s credibility. For me no reviews = bad reputation. That is my sole basis for the ratings, and unfortunately for this site, there are only low stars ahead, as I couldn’t trust a site without client ratings.

Pills Brothers Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Pills Brothers by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Pills Brothers by Scamadviser

Well, I was surprised when I tried looking for more recent reviews of this site. I came across this thread from ioplist.org where there was a short discussion regarding the site. There were no “star” ratings here, but the site was mentioned positively by a client who placed his order recently.

Ragnar (posted Sept. 26, 2016) confirmed that he was able to have another successful order from the site, and he even got a discount for using the featured payment method. He also said that the total order time was only 15 days. The site was also communicative with the client. All in all, he was satisfied with the service and would order again.

It is a breath of fresh air to see such a positive third-party review for this one. Although I could have done with more, I believe that this recent review is enough to recommend this site for client purchases. I am impressed. I take back what I’ve said previously. Peace.

The rating of Scam Adviser on this one is good too, at 77%, it fared mighty well against its peers. Usually, sites are rated 0-30% by Scam Adviser, but this one is given a rating higher than usual. Not too impressive, though, as the site still has that 23% chance of risk-y-ness lurking about it. Nevertheless, the results are doing well so far.

Pills Brothers Reviews 2016
Pills Brothers Reviews 2016

Pillsbrothers Coupon Codes:

Free Shipping Offer by Pillsbrothers
Free Shipping Offer by Pillsbrothers

There is not much discounts and promos offered on this site, but the site is having a free shipping promo on all orders above $50. This is a treat for clients who’d just want to try out the site and have $50 to risk/spare. Usually, sites have the free shipping for at least a $150 purchase. I’m just happy that this site offers free shipping for a lower quota.

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