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Pillsforall.com Design
Pillsforall.com Design

Most of the online pharmacies I have visited so far have fallen short of my expectations in one way or another. Pillsforall.com is one of the online pharmacies up for a review today.

There are many reasons people are opting for online pharmacies, such as the high prices of brand meds, the cheaper alternatives in form of generic meds, the effort and distance involved in going to a brick and mortar pharmacy, and the need to obtain a prescription from your doctor each time. Finding a reliable online pharmacy hasn’t been an easy task so far.

I learned from the information given on Pillsforall.com that Pills For All is an online pharmacy in operation since 2003. It’s not clear as to where the e-store is based physically. Furthermore, it’s not clear whether the generic meds available here are FDA approved or not, although all of them are shipped from the EU.

When I browsed the category called Impotence, I was able to locate three brand meds, namely Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, but Viagra is currently out of stock. So, I am listing the details and pricing of Cialis and Levitra underneath:

10 pills of Cialis (20mg) cost $215.00. This brand med is from Eli Lilly. On the other hand, 10 pills of Levitra (20mg) cost $195.00. This brand med is from Bayer.

You have to make an account for placing an order. There is only one method to pay for your orders i.e., via credit card and specifically through Visa. Not even MasterCard is acceptable. So there is a limitation. Pillsforall.com sends ordered products through Registered Air Mail and the average delivery time is a minimum of 10 business days and a maximum of 21 days. The shipping fee is a flat fee rate of $20 but it has been mentioned specifically that this is an estimate, which may change once billing & delivery address has been specified.

If 21 days have passed and the order hasn’t been received, then the customer is advised to contact Pillsforall.com and the pharmacy will reship the order or will issue a refund, as per the choice of the customer. It’s not clear as to what the refund policies are in case a customer isn’t satisfied with the results of the ordered meds.

Prospective customers can reach Pillsforall.com via leaving an offline message or sending an email to [email protected]

Pillsforall.com Reviews

There is no testimonials’ section on Pillsforall.com but once you browse different products, you are able to locate a few reviews attached to some products (as you can see beneath). Shawn Gritz, a customer who has very recently bought a generic of Xanax from Pillsforall.com is happy with his purchase, as unlike the other generic versions, it came in a silver blister box and original packing and is as good as the original Pfizer product. This customer wanted genuine alprazolam med that works and not some ineffective and obviously fake pill that other pharmacies usually sell in the name of generic and he is more than happy with his purchase.

Pillsforall.com Testimonial
Pillsforall.com Testimonial

While positive testimonials on an e-shop’s own site usually serve the self-promotional purposes of the owners, genuine user reviews on independent consumers’ forums help other potential buyers like me in making informed decisions regarding purchases. Since Pills for All does not have a testimonials’ section, I searched for unbiased reviews related to its services and came across a few reviews on Site Jabber.

A reviewer by the name James M. evaluated Pills for All on 12/5/15 and wrote that Pillsforall.com has a “lot to offer” to customers. It stocks brands as well as generics, and this customer has tried products from both and has been satisfied the quality of both. He feels that though Pillsforall.com doesn’t have a very fast delivery service, getting meds you need within 2 weeks is not bad at all. Of course, one has to know when not to order i.e., peak times like holiday seasons when delays are encountered. Overall, this reviewer seems to be a regular customer of Pillsforall.com and has given it a 5 stars rating to show his satisfaction with its services.

Jhon C., another reviewer shares the same opinion and feels that despite the 2 week delivery time, Pillsforall.com is “simply the best”. The only improvement it needs is opting for a speedier delivery like the overnight shipment delivery; otherwise, it’s great as it is.

Laura S., another reviewer agrees that she is a savvy online shopper; however, the idea of buying meds online is a bit scary for her, as she is afraid of getting counterfeited meds instead of genuine ones. But all her fears prove to be unfounded when she placed her order at Pillsforall.com and got everything in accordance to her expectations. The delivery time of 10 days is the only aspect Pillsforall.com needs improvement in; otherwise, she is happy with Pillsforall services and considers it “simply great” for her needs.

Pillsforall.com Feedback
Pillsforall.com Feedback

Positive, fairly recent reviews and all stars ratings on Pillsforall own site, as well as an independent and reputable reviews on Site Jabber, prove that Pills for All is a noteworthy and dependable e-pharmacy service.

Pillsforall Reviews 2017

Pills for All review for 2016 were still positive for the present year, even from external review websites. Here’s an example of a current review for the shop:

Pillsforall.com Feedback 2017
Pillsforall.com Feedback 2017

According to Katrina, the shop was “totally legit” as it was able to respond to her inquiries via email in the fastest time possible, updated her with her orders, and delivered her meds earlier than anticipated. She also mentioned that she got what was advertised in the store. She rated the shop 5/5 stars.

Pills For All Coupon Codes

There are no discounted deals or coupon codes currently offered by Pillsforall.com. There is a sale section where selected meds are available at discounted prices.

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