PillsHouse.com Review – An Unrecognizable Pharmacy

Front Page of PillsHouse.com
Front Page of PillsHouse.com

I am going to review another sexual health online pharmacy named PillsHouse.com. This specific online pharmacy are outside USA but they have support and management staff in Europe and USA as well. The Pills House online pharmacy has been operating since 2008. This means that the Pills House pharmacy has been around for almost seven years now.

After searching the cost of Viagra at this pharmacy, the price is just $0.77 which is quite reasonable and the price of Cialis is $0.99, another reasonable amount. No information has been provided by the pharmacy owners nor I can find any information regarding whether this pharmacy offer medicines and drugs approved by FDA so it can be quite a risky task to purchase medicine from such an online pharmacy.

For the payment methods, this online pharmacy accepts VISA and MasterCard so you do not have to worry about the payment methods. As where the shipping time and cost is concerned, the shipping time of Express Delivery is 5 to 9 business days and the cost for it is $29.95 and the shipping time for regular delivery is 14 to 21 business days and there is no cost for it as this delivery option is absolutely free.

This pharmacy does not offer any live chat option but you can contact them during the weekdays of Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 pm by calling on their number 1-800-4900365. You can also contact them directly by filling out their enquiry form.

As where the refund policy is concerned, you can cancel the order within 12 hours of the order submission. Contact them on phone and tell them your order number along with the reason of cancellation.

PillsHouse.com Reviews:

Customer reviews are highly important to judge about the quality of a particular online pharmacy and the customer service it provides. After searching for the independent customer reviews for this specific online pharmacy PillsHouse.com, I could not find any type of reviews, neither positive nor negative. So it can be extremely difficult to say whether you should trust this website or not.

As this pharmacy does not have any type of reviews, it is not recommended to go for this pharmacy to purchase the medicines and drugs. The vendor is totally unreliable and the reputation of such a pharmacy is also unconfirmed.

I certainly do not want to risk my money by spending on such a pharmacy. After running tests on Scam advisor, I have found that this particular pharmacy is highly at risk and it has low trust rating. This means that it is totally not safe to try out this website.

Pills House Reviews 2016:

Pills House Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Pills House Trust Rating by Scamadviser

As you can see from the above screenshot of test run on scam advisor, this particular website is highly at risk. It has totally high trust rating and can be taken as a fake pharmacy as well. The company is said to be belonged in Germany, but according to the test, it can be seen that the company may also be from Ukraine.

The popularity level of the PillsHouse.com is also not known and according to the items reviewed by scam advisor, the online pharmacy is rated as high risk store. It is not recommended to trust this online pharmacy in any case and do not even try to spend your money purchasing from such an unreliable and unrecognizable pharmacy.

PillsHouse Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by PillsHouse
Discount Offer by PillsHouse
Discount Offer by PillsHouse
Discount Offer by PillsHouse

It is always the best approach for the customers to search for some discounts and coupon codes. As the discounts are concerned with the Pills House, you will not be disappointed with this pharmacy. For all the reorders, this pharmacy is offering 10 percent discounts. This means if you are going to be regular customers, you can save yourself some money.

Moreover, the pharmacy is also offering free regular delivery of the pills and supplements that you purchase from the pharmacy along with the 4 bonus pills. This means that you can enjoy all the discounts and free shipping that a customer always wants.

Although the pharmacy does not have any type of customer reviews, it is hard to tell whether the orders from this pharmacy reaches to its owner or not. Therefore, care should be taken while making a purchase with the PillsHouse.com online pharmacy. How can you take benefit from the discount if you could not get the supplements and orders in proper time? I would definitely not recommend you to get your medicines from this pharmacy.

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