Pillspoint.com Review – Drug Vendor with Hidden Location

Pillspoint.com Design
Pillspoint.com Design

Whoa, Pillspoint.com is an ugly website. A bare-bones, mostly blank white space populated primarily by extremely low-resolution pictures of pills, with only a few varieties listed. I think we can probably classify the sight as a scam, or at the very least some kind of illegal operation, but in the interest of fairness I will see my review through to the end.

There’s not exactly an “about me” page on this website, just a tab titled “Informations” with very little in it, but via their contact page it looks like they operate out of Montana? I definitely doubt that. They appear to be pretty new, operating only since this year (2016).

I don’t know exactly what they specialize in, it seems mostly to be in those pharmaceuticals most often abused, i.e. Adderall, Hydrocodone, Valium, Oxycodone, but they do not have Viagra or Cialis. So, I could stop this review right here, but in the interest of completion, I’ll keep going. They do have FDA-approved products, but I’m guessing they’re acquired illegally. Just a hunch, looking at their inventory.

They accept major American credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Shipping method is unnamed, surprise surprise, but it looks like it costs a flat rate of $30.00, which is quite steep. It says that orders ship within 48 hours and arrives in about 12 working days.

For customer service, they have what everybody does, namely a customer inquiry form on the site, and then they also have a Skype ID available. I didn’t want to add them on my Skype, worried for my data, but I sent an email inquiry and still haven’t gotten a response.

Their refund policy looks like its case-by-case, you submit a form and then supposedly they get back to you.

PillsPoint Reviews:

No reviews for Pills Point, either external or internal, which is always fishy. It appears that the site is fairly new, though, so that may be why, or it might just be that it’s pretty obviously an illegal outfit.

My policy is never to trust a site with no reviews, regardless of how reputable it might seem otherwise, and in this case, this website is extremely sketchy besides the lack of reviews. I would steer clear, but then, why am I telling you? They don’t even have ED drugs, so why would you be using it anyways? There’s just no reason to risk your money on a potential scam—stick to the tried and true sectors of the internet, not new, strangely laid-out, fishy websites with little to no history.

Pillspoint.com Reviews 2016:

Further research reveals some interesting information. I still couldn’t find any reviews, but ScamAnalyze.com gives the site a “Safe” rating, noting also that the site uses HTTPS, which is encrypted and safer than sites without it.

Additionally, Scam Advisor doesn’t give it an outright Unsafe rating, instead alerting users to the fact that the site “is U.S. based, but the real location is being hidden.” This doesn’t surprise me at all, as it seems like a quite possibly real, but very illegal, drug outfit run somewhere out of the U.S. Scam Advisor goes on to give the site a “61% Safe” rating, which seems strangely specific, but its an algorithm, so what can you expect.

So if for some reason you’re here for illegal amphetamines or depressants instead of ED medication, you could give it a spin, but I’m obviously going to recommend you don’t. It’s never a good idea to do business with someone with something to hide, and I can tell you, this place is definitely hiding something.

Pills Points Safety Analysis
Pills Points Safety Analysis


PillsPoints Report by Scamadvisor
PillsPoints Report by Scamadvisor

Pillspoint.com Coupon Codes:

There are no deals whatsoever running on the site. It just seems like your run-of-the-mill illegals drugs place.

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