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PlanetDrugsDirect is one of the potentially reliable drug stores which I’m going to review today. How trustable it is, I am yet to find out. is a popular online drug store, based in Canada, that is known for its good customer service and fast response. Most importantly, this website is listed as one of the online pharmacies that sell only drugs meeting the USFDA guidelines. So, the safety profile of the drugs, sold by this company, should be guaranteed. I screened the whole website before clicking on the ‘Browse Drugs” section, to my surprise there was an enormous amount of drugs available to choose from, such as antihypertensive, cholesterol-lowering drugs and anti-depressive drugs. Anyway, I proceeded to the non-prescription drug section and noticed that Viagra is available for $231.99 USD in a box of 16 pills. The generic equivalent of Viagra-like Sildenafil Citrate costs $54.99 USD for 16 pills.

Well, I’m a person who doesn’t usually trust online stores, because I do not want to risk spending money on a fake medication that might possibly harm my body. But PlanetDrugsDirect is aware of this issue, and they warrant a full refund if the customers are not satisfied with the products that they purchase within 7 days of receiving them. For the convenience of customers, they also allow several payment methods like using Debit card, Credit card or Paypal. Upon checking out, they promise to have the products delivered within 5-7 working days, which to me is fairly quick for online purchase. Besides that, I also found a LiveChat customer service at the top corner of the website. I opened the live chat window appeared on the left, typed in my name and email and waited a short while before a live chat representative initiated a conversation and offered help. The representative attended to my inquiries explained to me some basic information about the company and its products and went on to enlighten me about the shipping and return policy. Reviews

Let’s check out what the customers had to say about this online retailer in the past. Let’s be real, all of us are afraid of getting scammed on the internet, especially when you cannot physically deal with the retailer. Fortunately, most, if not all, of the feedbacks are positive with a rating of 5 stars or at least 4 stars. feedback feedback

Rogues Pierre commented that offers an excellent service, and he is extremely satisfied with the online company. He said: “Great service online and on the phone. Thanks now it’s off to the guillotine”. He rated the company 4 stars of 5.

Martha Champion and Mary Shore also liked the service provided by the company very much, as they got their orders before the promised date. Martha said: “I received excellent service when ordering, and I got the order much sooner than I expected.” Similarly, Mary said: “ Very friendly service! Easy to order on the net! Fast service”. Very gladly, both of them have rated PlanetDrugsDirect 5 stars for its work efficiency.

PlanetDrugsDirect Reviews 2017

I have also found many good reviews for the present year on its customer feedback section. The popularity among customers has proven the reliability of this company as an online retailer store. So, I guess, I should stop worrying about getting scammed now.

Anyway, let’s see what did the customers say in the review section. Charlotte Orchoa stated that it was easy for her to order medicine and the drug information was comprehensive on the website. She said: “It was easy to order medicine from your company. The information about the drug was important-clear.Thank you”. recent feedback recent feedback

Then we have another two customers, whose name are Claude and Brian. Both of them complimented PlanetDrugsDirect for their quick response and helpful service and they rated the company 4 and 5 stars respectively. Claude said: “Customer service reps very helpful,” while Brian stated: “Years of excellent service. Always quick to respond, available and helpful”.

Based on all these positive reviews that I’m seeing, I feel much more relieved and have much more confidence in placing an order with this company’s service and product. Hopefully, I’ll find it as good as the rest of the customers did so I can start considering purchasing more products from them.

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

Each company has its own marketing strategy in attracting more customers to buy their products. One of the mainstream ways to push the products for a higher turnover rate is by giving away promotions! Let’s be real – nobody would ever say ‘no’ to pro-mo-tions! first orfer offer first orfer offer

PlanetDrugsDirect knows that this is a good tactic to draw in more profit, so they offer a 5% off for any first order. Besides that, they also offer a free shipping promotion on all orders by the customers. All they got to do is just keying in the promo code before checking out. Look, I’m all for the price, if they can offer me different promotions from time to time, you can be sure that I’m in for next purchase! Promo Codes Promo Codes
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