Pom-pharmacy.com is Gone: Check Out a New Website of This Reliable Pharmacy

Pom-pharmacy.com Main Page
Pom-pharmacy.com Main Page

The domain of the store Pom-pharmacy.com is now unavailable; when we checked, the shop has now moved to another domain. The store merely used a new web address and rendered the former domain obsolete, as to prevent buyer confusion. The former store, Pom-pharmacy.com, was also called Trusted Tablets was one of the prolific pharmacy stores on the web and catered to buyers from all over the globe. One possible reason why Pom Pharmacy got a new domain was because the US government does not like online sellers shipping their generic products in the US jurisdiction. This is possibly primarily due to the government’s protection for the large pharma companies located in the country.

Pom-pharmacy.com may have been found out to ship products in the United States, such as generic versions of Viagra. In other countries, the generic counterparts of Viagra from Pfizer are legal, but the United States has a different set of laws for its generic Viagra counterparts, due to the patent protection laws for the company Pfizer. The shop Pom-pharmacy.com may have been selling generic products to clients in the US, but this reprimand is probably overkilled in order to scare online operators from sabotaging the normal course of the pharmaceutical business.

Referring to the reviews for the store, buyers rather adored the shop even before it moved to another web address, indicating consumer trust on the platform. Buyers from all over the world patronized this store—this was also possibly the reason why the store strived to change its web address and be able to cater to its buyers’ needs again.

Pom-pharmacy.com History

Affiliate marketing websites such as Pom-pharmacy.com are stores which operate to help improve the sales of a much larger company. Because the products of the affiliate store and the main store are the same, most of the affiliate shops take on the same appearance as the main store. In the case of Pom-pharmacy.com, the store has the same template site as its owner; Pom-pharmacy.com also had a name of “Trusted Tablets” although its domain states otherwise.

Products available on Pom-pharmacy.com were the commonly bought products and the store had archetypal products commonly found on internet pharmacies. Of course, Pom-pharmacy.com had products for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra (these products might be the ones which got Pom-pharmacy.com seized) and other PDE5 inhibitor products. You can easily find what drugs you’re looking for on Pom-pharmacy.com since the shop arranged its products by category. Pom-pharmacy.com had reasonable prices which were totally affordable for the buyers and the shop also had discount offers for its loyal clients.

Pom-pharmacy.com Alternatives

Pom-pharmacy.com was an affiliate marketing store with good prices for most of its products. Reviews for this affiliate pointed out the shop’s reliability and excellence when it comes to fulfilling consumer orders. However, since this web pharmacy’s already closed, it is best for consumers to look for other online alternatives when it comes to their medications.

Our list of online vendors you can trust is good to use when it comes to looking for pharmacies to shop for online. These stores included on our list are reliable—they have genuine products and they have great discounts too.

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