Review – You Can Judge this Scam by its Cover Main Page Main Page claimed that they had operated as an online business for over two years and had a customer base of over 30,000 customers. Based on information that was provided in the “Contact Us” Section, Prescription-Rx operated from the United States of America.

Prescription-Rx specialized in a variety of medications and have a wide assortment of Weight Loss, Sleep Aids, Sex Health, Muscle Relaxants and Anti-Anxiety Pills. In their Sex-Health Department, Viagra cost $299 for 30 tablets and Cialis $349 for a quantity of 30 tablets. I was not sure if they were FDA approved but they claimed to be a fully licensed pharmacy.

Your payments were guaranteed to be SSL secured and they accepted Visa, Mastercard and Surprisingly Paypal. Shipments were done either with UPS or UPS Extra. No cost or the time taken to ship was cited but orders were dispatched within 2 days.

PrescriptionRx claimed to have had a 24/7 support service accessed by going to “”. I was unable to verify this for reasons obvious. Other contact methods were email, post (address was not fully listed) or by telephone. Reviews

Prescription-Rx website was without published client testimonials reviews. This was strange considering that businesses try to get persons to leave testimonials on their websites. It was not surprising that Prescription Rx did not try because they seemed to be lazy just by the look of their website’s design.

Although there were no reviews to be found (even via internet search); there were links where they encouraged persons visiting their website to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. When I clicked on the links I was not redirected. Social media is so important for marketing that most businesses actually create a budget for it. My thoughts were that Prescription-Rx either did not see the importance of social media as a marketing tool or they were too lazy to actually set up the social media pages and used the icons as placeholders instead.

The non-existence of customer reviews meant that it would have been difficult for anyone to trust the store’s credibility and this would have led Prescription-Rx customers to another pharmacy’s website that actually had reviews. Since the reviews were unavailable, I decided to verify as an online pharmacy using scam adviser and legit script. Reviews 2016

The pharmacy of Prescription-Rx no longer has an online presence and may have deleted its domain or even merged with another online pharmacy. Nothing could be found about Prescription-Rx on Legit Scrip or Scam Adviser so it goes without saying that the pharmacy no longer exists.

How was it, that an online pharmacy with over two years’ existence on the internet did not have a web presence when the checks were conducted? I thought this to be very strange. Is it that no one purchased from them in the two years’ time? Or could it have been that they deleted any comments posted on their website or even prevented persons from posting? The sad truth is we would never know for certain because the website no longer exists so there is no one available to answer the questions put forward. Coupon Codes

Prescription-Rx shop offered free shipping as a Promotion to its customers. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

Any opportunity to save money is a good one. At least that is what I have always believed and Prescription-Rx fed on this belief by offering free shipping to its customers. It is quite possible that a lot of persons would have made purchases because of this offer as shipping could sometimes cost more than the product ordered and as much as $35.

I thought it was a good deal but it was not the deal for me. I am an online shopper so I usually look for the best deals and prices before committing to a purchase. I am sure that there were several persons shopping with that was just like me. I do not consider myself “loyal” because I would sell myself to the highest bidder and Prescription-Rx shop was not the highest bidder.

I was looking to buy from a pharmacy that would give me free pills or even discounts; one that would attempt to bribe me into being a regular customer by offering a return purchase discount. was not doing that for me so I had to go elsewhere.

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