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Another pharmacy that I have on the board is called It is the US based online pharmacy that only facilitates the sexual drugs for patients, mostly men. The company asserts generic meds like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many others popular in this domain to its patients to serve them, with the life they want. Prescription Drugs pharmacy has been operating since 2001, but still, I have not found much response from the customers on the third party websites indicating that the company has not actually been in business for that long or simply is not popular among customers.

Prescription Drugs pharmacy provides all the meds approved from FDA along with the expert medical advice. The prices of the company are not that viable, as Viagra, a pack of 5 tablets (100mg) is priced at $357, while 20 mg Cialis, a pack of 10 is priced at $737. This pharmacy ships the packages using Federal Express and USPS Express envelopes. The shipping is carried out free of cost. does not offer any kinds of refunds to their products, as per the rules and regulations of FDA.

When I initiated the checkout process, I was prompted to an online consultation that is estimated to be 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Online consultation on
Online consultation on

To get more details about the company, you can mail them at [email protected] Besides this,you can reach the company using their phone number that is (866) 460-1925.

Prescription Drugs Reviews:

As shopping for the meds is the major concern of health, life and money, so, it is therefore very important for the customers and purchasers to first assure the good reputation of the company and then to make any decision. That is the reason why customer reviews are important in this aspect.

For Prescription Drugs pharmacy, I tried to track some of the customer reviews in order to check the reputation of the company, but could not find even a single one. As a matter of fact, the company, Prescription Drugs have been operating since 2001, so there should be some customer reviews or data present on the internet that can give us information about the company.

The company having lack of customer reviews demonstrates a sign of the unreliability and its products quality might be risk to trust. Therefore, it is recommended to not to trust any company claiming to be the leading company on the internet, as they could be biggest scam.

PrescriptionDrugs Reviews 2016:

To check other factors about the Prescription Drugs pharmacy, I visited Scamadvisor that is the one scam alerting website that I trust. This company uses factors other than customer reviews like domain name, domain location, its traffic and various other factors, in order to make its review. So, according to scamadvisor, Prescription Drugs is a safe to use website that got a high trust rating of 86 percent.

This report shows that Prescription Drugs might be a safe website, in terms of malicious and illegal activities, but still, the chances are that the company could be a scam because of the fact that it is not at all trusted by the customers.

PrescriptionDrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
PrescriptionDrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

Not only the company lacks user reviews and data on its website, but also, it lacks the discount offers or coupon codes, that are necessary for most of the buyers buying different products. As a matter of fact, the customers who cannot afford high rates of the meds and those who are not insured medically need to get discounts, so that they can save money for longer run.

But unfortunately, the Prescription Drugs is not offering any kind of such discounts for its customers that means the customers have to buy expensive meds using this pharmacy. Moreover, the prices of this pharmacy are far too high than any other online pharmacies that I have reviewed, that I found not to be affordable at all.

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