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The ever spiraling health care and med prices have driven desperate consumers to look for brands or generics manufactured in other countries to either obtain prescription based meds or find their non-prescriptive generic alternatives at affordable prices. This was my objective when I began searching for my meds online as they became too expensive for me to afford on regular basis at my local pharmacy. introduces itself not as a pharmacy but a pharmacy intermediary, which sends customers’ prescriptions to a certified pharmacy, has it filled there and then sends it to the address provided by the customer. It, however, doesn’t disclose its location or years of service. Though the medicines stocked here have the approval of Food and Drugs Act and Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), the site still alerts the prospective customers that the US FDA currently has taken the stance that importing prescription drugs from Canada by a U.S. customer also violate the law. The site further advises prospective customers to check the drug names they want to buy at the FDA site. Medicines are not available in a categorized form and they can be searched through their names in the given search feature. Since I wanted to have a look at ED meds (brand or generic) in order to get the best deals, I searched the names of the popular meds one by one and got the following results:

  • Viagra (25mg) 4 Tablets = $78.00 (brand)
  • Sildenafil (20mg) 30 Tablets = $50.20 (generic)
  • Cialis (5mg) 28 Tablets = $95.45 (brand)
  • Tadalafil (5mg) 28 Tablets = $66.00 (generic)
  • Levitra (5mg) 4 Tablets = $43.50 (brand)
  • Vardenafil (20mg) 10 Tablets = $21.20 (generic)

Both types of meds require doctor’s prescription.

I further learned that the mode of payments acceptable here are as follows:

  • International Money Orders
  • Bank certified checks

Regarding the delivery time, the site specifies that after an order leaves the pharmacy, 2-4 weeks or 10-18 business days are required for the delivery. The shipping rate is $9.95 US. The site also specifies Additional shipping charges may apply for special shipping requirements. Meds can be ordered and delivered within the USA only.

Orders can be placed at the site through phone, fax, or online, postal service and the Customer Care Department can be contacted by phone and email using the following details:

Since the site doesn’t offer Live Chat route, which happens to be the quickest, I duly shot off an email to the customer care department for a specific ED med I needed and couldn’t find at the site.

The site specifies that once a prescription and non-prescription products have been dispensed, they cannot be returned for any reason, as prescription drugs are not returnable under the pharmaceutical law, but the store grants refunds and replacements in case of damages or other order problems.

Prescription Point Reviews

I couldn’t find any customer reviews related to the quality of products or the services on the site. However, when I searched for reviews related to this pharmacy on Google, I reached Pharmacy Reviews and discovered that it had a brief but concise review regarding the workings of Prescription Point.

According to Pharmacy Reviews, Prescription Point is a legitimate online store of meds and has been verified by CIPA and PharmacyChecker. But customers have a mixed review regarding their products and services. All of them find the prices of meds to be low priced; however, the service quality is inconsistent and delivery time is slow. You can read the whole review at the link given beneath: Reviews Reviews

Thus, this independent review of Prescription Point points that this service has strengths, but some weaknesses as well. Reviews 2017

Although the shop had a good run during the past years as reflected by positive independent sites for the shop, the store did not have customer comments for the present year. We may need to give the clients more time to get settled for the present year before concluding that the shop does not have current reviews.

Prescriptionpoint Coupon Codes

There are no discount codes or coupon codes or deals available on the site. However, consumers are advised to stay connected with Prescription Point for future deals.

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