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In a bid to impress the veterans and the old folks who fought for our freedom, has erected a portrait of a veteran fully dawned in military livery. My hope is that they don’t play with the emotions of our heroes as I don’t take that kindly. The folks deserve a peaceful retirement enjoying their benefits, not some person trying to rip off their money.

Founded in 2002, operates from Canada. In 2005 the owners started the online platform to support offline sales. They offer quality and convenience to their customers, sell trusted medications, ensure quick delivery to remote corners of the world and this has earned Prescription Solutions a spot as one of the best online pharmacies in the country. The drugs are FDA approved.

The scoop on Prescriptionsolutions majorly deals with ED Drugs and my all time choice Viagra is selling at $0.99 per pill and Cialis at $1.59 per pill.

Currently, accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and eChecks. Once the payment has been made, I can choose from Regular Airmail where delivery takes 10 – 21 days or Express Courier delivery via USPS which takes 8 – 14 days. Prescriptionsolutions promises free delivery insurance for orders exceeding $200 and for orders below $200 it will cost $4.95 for them to be shipped to me. This is a refreshing piece of information: if my order is insured and I don’t have to worry about non-delivery.

All my personal information, including credit card number, name, and address is encrypted so that it cannot be read as it is transmitted to Prescription Solutions server. They use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which enables end-to-end data protection. This is another fantastic piece of information as many businesses tend to disclose client’s information to third parties, sell the information or even use it to hack into people’s bank accounts and emails.

Once my Credit Card is vetted and accepted, my order will successfully be completed. A confirmation email is sent to me immediately and another email once my order has been dispatched. This sound like an efficient automated system.

What if my order is damaged or lost before reaching me? Prescriptionsolutions undertakes to refund me the full amount or even a free reship of the product. This should not be a drawback to me since I know that my order is fully insured.

The customer care could not immediately respond to my query about the refund policy and by the time I was writing this review I had not seen a reply. What happened to the excellent customer service that Prescriptionsolutions promised? Is that the snappy reply that an old war veteran waiting for his medication expected to get? This is the first disappointment that has rocked me navigating through

Contact Message Sent Confirmation
Contact Message Sent Confirmation Reviews

From what I can see from, there were no reviews from previous customers, and this placed a snag on the milestone made so far as long as Prescription Solutions shop is concerned. From this point, I think Prescription Solutions might be a scam, and I am not willing to spend my money without a raw testimony from at least one of their clients.

Prescription Solutions Reviews 2016 has confirmed my fears, and they have earmarked Prescriptionsolutions as a rogue internet pharmacy, and it does not meet Internet pharmacy verification standards.

LegitScript Review on Prescription Solutions
LegitScript Review on Prescription Solutions puts the final nail in the coffin. Prescriptionsolutions has a low trusting rate and multi-faced as it is US based and also seems to have ancestry in India too. This proves that is unsafe to deal with since they have concealed some important information.

It’s also worthy to note that Prescription Solutions shop has very few visitors.

Scamadvisor Review on Prescription Solutions
Scamadvisor Review on Prescription Solutions

PrescriptionSolutions Coupon Codes

To lure more people, runs a number of promotions:

  • They promise a souvenir of 4 pills on all orders.
  • Free regular delivery for orders exceeding $150.
  • Free Express Courier for orders exceeding $300
  • Free reshipment for orders starting $200
Bonus Policy on PrescriptionSolutions
Bonus Policy on PrescriptionSolutions
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