Review – Terminated Store with Poor Reviews and Lack of Information Main Page Main Page is a closed vendor that used to specialize in drugs known as “embarrassment” drugs. This pharmacy used to enable the customers to get all the medications that they needed over the internet without any hassle and without any error. The company worked along with top pharmacists and with two reputed pharmaceutical companies working in the USA. These pharmacies were assured to be licensed by the United States. Furthermore, the company ensured to protect all the information provided by the patient under patient-doctor privilege. The price of Viagra was found to be 1.38 US Dollars which seemed reasonable to me.

Customers could use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to pay for their orders. I was unable to retrieve any information regarding the shipping process or charges that used to be offered at PricePills. There was also no mentioning of refund policy anywhere on the website. There was no contact information such as phone number or live chat and I was unable to find out if the store had a contact form because the website was no longer accessible. Reviews had been able to receive quite a lot of customer reviews while it was still in operation. The customer reviews looked really negative as the customers were not at all satisfied with their experience regarding Price Pills.

The first review had been made by a customer named Erin who called it the “worst company”. He said that he had ordered medicines for two times from this company and also paid extra charges for “overnight shipping” but even after two months later, the client had not received anything. Erin said that he called the store to inquire about the problem and his call was picked up by “an Indian guy who started laughing”. To Erin’s surprise, the same guy called him back and demanded for more money in order to get him “something else”. The customer was utmost disappointed and had given poor ratings to all the services of this store.

The next comment had been given by Sam Nolan who had issued a “warning” that the person owing Price Pills had been ripping off “1000’s of clients”. Sam even said that the fake name of the owner was “Michael Young” but he was actually named as “Moshe Dahan” and was an Israeli. The client said that he had “compiled a dossier” on the owner and his whole team and was ready to hand it over to the authorities. Customers Experience Customers Experience

Nicole Plumlee said that she had paid for express delivery in order to get her medications shipped to her but she was not able to receive all of her medications even after 17 days. Nicole said that she finally received “one of the items” that she had ordered and it came from India in a packing that she did not render as safe. She called the pharmacy a “mess”.

After reviewing all the comments that the store had received in its past, I can say that it was not an admirable pharmacy. Furthermore, these reviews had been derived from a famous reviewing platform which means that the content of them was 100 percent authentic and there was no chance of forgery. Reviews 2016

After finding no reviews given in the year 2016 regarding PricePills, I decided to check Scamadviser. Trust Rating Trust Rating

To my surprise, Scamadviser had reviews Price Pills in a totally opposite way as compared to the customer reviews. This store had been given a high trust rating of 98 percent that puts it in a completely safe zone. It had specifically said that the pharmacy looked safe for buying drugs. However, Scamadviser seemed to be a little skeptical about the popularity of Price Pills.

The drug store had received opposite remarks from Scamadviser and the customer reviews so; it was up to me to decide which source to trust. In such matters, I would say that the role of PricePills was to remain suspicious and it was rendered as a pharmacy that was not to be tried out without completely confirming about it. Coupon Codes

As I checked the website of more thoroughly, I came to know that it also does not have any discount offers. Pharmacies that lag behind in providing discount offers to its customers are said to be reckless and I am not in favor of trying out these rash pharmacies. I would just say that Price Pills had disappointed me in respect of coupon codes.

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