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It’s interesting how the names of some brands or enterprises come about. “Prima” does not quite clearly represents the business in the medical industry, but ‘Med’ makes an attempt to unconsciously inform the customer on the type of business they are into. But the name hear does not matter, the reputation counts. The first glance at the reveals very plain page. It’s boring and almost repulsive; as I scroll down, it gets no better. At the bottom of the page I get that the is managed by a UK conglomerate by the name of FMC Marketing Ltd., Established in 2003 in West London. The FMC Marketing company claims to be the first ones to provide an online Doctor service in the UK. Their brands along with Prima Med, Firstmed, Myonlinedoctor and Pharmadoctor are the first of a kind B2C brands.

Prima Med recognizes itself as the Online Male Health Specialist and most of their offerings are exclusively for their male prospects. They are offer Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction and such type of medication. The ED basket at the Prima Med is quite a selective list having the popular brands like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, Spedra or Avanafil (a newly FDA approved medicine) and a generic version of Viagraby- also Sildenafil.

Prima Med seems to have not made an effort to make the drugs economical. A 32 pill pack of Viagra of 50 mg each, costs GBU399; which calculates to roughly USD 17 a pill. Cialis is about USD 18.5 for a 20 mg pill (32 pill pack) and about USD 24 for a Spedra in an 8 pill pack of 100 mg.

Payment is done through the standard major Credit Cards like Visa and Master. To purchase from this website, one must register on the website, like a patient would at a hospital, and provide all the medical history. Based on the information I provide, the registered doctors (who all are licensed practitioners in EU) will study my medical disposition. They might reject my application for the medicines I want to buy based on their results. In such a scenario, any payment made by you will be refunded.

The shipping is only done to very select locations like UK, Germany, Sweden and Denmark, through the Royal Mail. Delivery to customers in UK is free; other countries will have to pay GBU 7.5, and expect their orders to be delivered in 1-3 days.

The homepage shows a “Live-Chat” option which has been offline all day. On trying to connect with the customer service using this mail, I received a system generated response as to how to proceed on the website. Finally, I checked back next the day and found no change.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Prima-Med

Trying to call on the number provided on the homepage, viz. 0208 762 0570, it did not yield any benefit, as the phone call ended without an answer. Reviews:

In my attempt to determine how genuine an e-pharma store is, I consider user feedbacks and comments as the best guides. The Prima Med website has profuse positive feedback on the medicines they offer, particularly in the ED products. Many of the users have appraised specific ED medicine that have been most helpful and even compared products like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. Reviews Reviews

Independent reviewers and user forums are generally silent on the services made by Prima Med website. There is no detailed review online or even a fair sized vent of feedback by a user. There is one liner grievance shared by Sergei: he happens to have lost money and never receiving any goods. He said, “According to the order the sum was transferred, but now I do not have neither drugs nor money back.”

Such reviews are sure to make a prospective buyer suspicious when making transactions with the online store. Besides my lack of interest in Prima Meds and its invisibility among customers increases my suspicion that it is a scam.

Prima-Med Reviews 2016:

This brings me to the next logical step in verifying the authenticity of Prima Med e-pharma store; Checking for Scam. Prima Med has an active website but very few credible sources to vouch for its authenticity. (My trusted adviser about the possibility of a scam), identifies to have about a 50% chances of being a scam. The comments that follow indicate that the site may be connected to a number of high-risk sites and has been treated as a threat site in the past, perhaps because of malware or possible Virus threat. In view of such comments, I know there is almost nothing that can convince me use my Credit Card details in the site for any transaction. Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Prima Med Coupon Codes:

I went through the website, despite the negative reports I come across, to see if there’s anything that I can find to recommend which allows a customer to save more. E-pharma stores usually have a few discounts and offers to try and sweeten their deals with customers and they usually work, but I was not able to find offers/discounts or coupons on this site. There is some assurance that the buyer may at some time receive a promotional offer, but Prima Med is shy to mention the nature of the offer or make any promises.

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