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Of all the sites I have been to, this had the most decent graphics; it seems that puts a little effort in its site development. is an online service of Omnicare Pharmacy Limited (from Edinburgh, UK). The site is also located in the UK (Suffolk). As to when the site was established there was no info, but valid reviews of this site from third-parties date as far back as 2012.

This site basically acts as a consultation service; the site has doctors to evaluate clients with submitted medical forms. Clients cannot order any medication here unless they go through the medical consultation process. The process is rather simple; clients are requested to fill up the medical form provided by the site. After the doctors assess the client’s condition, treatment will be recommended—it is the only time where the clients can order medication from the site. All the medications in the site are prescription, implying that no client may order without going through the medical consultation process first.

The site offers treatments for various medical conditions such as viral diseases (Influenza, Hay fever, etc), Emergency contraception, hair loss, smoking cessation, weight loss and sexual dysfunctions like ED. The Rx meds being prescribed by doctors here are FDA-approved brand and generic meds. The site mostly has branded medicine, but it also recommends a generic alternative for them in order to help clients save more. offers Viagra for £39.99 for 4 pieces (25 g) and only £224.99 for 32 tablets (around £7 only each). This is by far the cheapest Viagra by any site that I ever came across. Prices are usually way higher. The generic ones are cheaper though; Sildenafil Sandoz starts at $19.99 for 4 tablets (25 mg), and becomes £2.81 per piece for 32 pieces.

This site’s brand Cialis is also offered in a relatively cheap price (as compared to its counterparts), at £47.99 for 4 tablets of the 10 mg variant. The 32-pack Cialis in 10 mg is offered at £329.99, roughly £10 apiece. Not bad, considering these are already the branded ones.

Payment accepted by this website is through major credit cards. Payments for disapproved consultations for the meds, however, will not be collected. Only those clients with approved consultations for the Rx meds can proceed with the payment. As for the shipping, the site strictly ships UK and EU orders only. UK orders are shipped free of charge via Royal Mail, but clients have the option to have their orders shipped Express, by adding a fee of £2.50. The transit times are not mentioned though.

Damaged items and orders which are not delivered may be filed for replacements. Returns and cancellations, however, are not allowed by the company. The company may be contacted by filling up the contact form provided in the site. Complaints and other concerns may also be addressed to the company’s office (via regular post) at:

PrivateDoc LimitedUnit 7, Wharfside HousePrentice Road, Stowmarket, SuffolkIP14 1RD, UK

Privatedoc Reviews:


Privatedoc Reviews
Privatedoc Reviews


I am absolutely thrilled having found out that has reviews! At last, there is at least one site with client feedback from a decent review site. garnered 8.5 out of the possible 10 stars from clients with verified purchases.

It was the client Andrew Graham’s second time to order from this site, and according to him, the order process of the site is “simple and secure”. He also recounted how the site’s prescription reminder service has been helpful for him.

Elle Joslyn’s review commended the site’s service and said that reordering is already an option. Victoria also praised how the site was so quick to use, with the sites service taking less time than going to her GP.

Even the reviews I did not include here were appreciative of the site’s service. This is something noteworthy, as there are not many sites with positive (and verified) third-party reviews. I am liking this site even more.

Private Doc Reviews 2016:

Private Doc Reviews Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Private Doc Reviews Trust Rating by Scamadviser

There are no recent reviews for this site though; the latest were from 2015. This may be the only downside I found for this site.

The Scam Adviser’s analysis for this site proved great too, as it gave a 91% safe rating. According to the analysis, the site has a “High Trust Rating”, and looks safe to use. I am impressed. Coupon Codes:

Best Deals for on the Internet
Best Deals for on the Internet

As for the discounts and promotions, the site has none. But the store is offering free shipping for all its items for a limited time. It was not indicated, but I think this offer is for the EU orders, because UK shipping is already free even from the start.

Personally, it’s quite okay that this pharmacy is not offering additional discounts, considering that its prices of the meds are comparatively lower than the other sites offering the same products in the web.

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