Confiscation… The Quest for Substitutes was one of the many online medicine sellers the domain of which was recently confiscated by Homeland Security Investigation’s unit ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in its bid to curb illegal trafficking of drugs from overseas. Now, a seizure notice is displayed at the site of by ICE: has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

As per the US law, illegally importing, selling, and buying generic medicines unapproved from the US FDA is a federal crime that can lead to the accuser’s legal incarceration and the imposition of a heavy fine. So and others are facing legal actions for endangering public health and safety.

These strict but indiscriminate moves to ban generic medicines are not without a dark side. One cannot dismiss the benefit that big and greedy brand manufacturers in America are gaining from this kind of action. The legal bodies are allowing big phramas to get away with their monopolistic moves and high prices while preventing the public’s access to comparatively lower priced generics.

Reviews was the storefront of an online pharmacy called Pharmaplax which was providing people safe generic medicines from India. Not much was known regarding the years of experience had in this field or its geographic location. featured ED and sexual health medicines prominently on its website but one could also locate medicines to treat health issues like weight gain, diabetes, HIV, skin related issues, besides many others. also carried its customers’ testimonials on its own website. However, no reviews from actual buyers were found on other common pharmacy reviewing sites. They could have been removed after the legal action taken against Main Page Main Page

If you look at Scam Advisor’s data about, you come to know that it was working from Fiji while having ties with Germany too. You are surprised to find that has been rated as a site with better trust and safety rating as compared to others like it. appeared to have lots of visitors or customers coming to its website when it was online. The only negative thing Scam Advisor reported about was that it had been branded with a rogue status. Something that CIPA and LegitScript also iterated, as per WOT score card of Risk Level Risk Level Cautions From Third-party Sites Cautions From Third-party Sites Alternatives

As vendors like are facing legal issues and closures, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find online pharmacies that aren’t drug cartels and scams and not likely to run away with your money or give you phony drugs in the name of generics from overseas countries. With so many aspects to take care of, it’s really very difficult for a consumer to trust an online medicine vendor nowadays. Luckily, there are online lists like ours that would help you find the most reliable and verified online medicine vendors from the multitude. They have generic medicines with proven quality and service record, based on actual customers’ testimonials and trust scores calculated from different sources. Through our guide, you can now make informed and worry-free purchases.

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