Review – Possibly a Good Store to Order Generics From Home Home is an online pharmacy which operates from Canada, Singapore, and Bangalore (India), but its main headquarters are located in Bangalore. The pharmacy markets its low pricing which makes its products affordable to clients without insurance. low pricing is due to its ability to source high-quality but affordable medicines in countries other than the US like Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, or Eastern Europe.

Products sold by the site include generics and brand-name meds. Regarding the FDA approvals, issued a disclaimer stating that FDA approvals of some of their generic products were from local FDA or regulatory boards of the manufacturing countries and not from the US FDA. Aside from that disclaimer, also stated that some of its products were still not permitted for distribution in the US, as their FDA approvals are still under process.

Prescriptions are required by for every Rx medication order, in compliance with international laws regarding pharmaceutical products distribution. But if prescriptions are not available, clients can send the photos of their prescription pill bottles.

Generic, brand-name, and pet medications are available on the site, but unlike the typical online pharmacies, did not list the products by medical conditions they are relevant to; the products were listed by name instead. But clients may take advantage of the search function available on the site for easy access to the product information. I searched for ED meds on the site and they were available, but I only found generic products available on the site. On the one hand, since the products were all generics, the prices for the meds were indeed affordable. Generic Viagra is sold at $54 for 24 pills of the 100 mg variant. Generic Cialis costs $60 for 30 pills of the 20 mg variant.

Shipping rates offered by are more affordable than the usual shipping charges by other internet pharmacies. Standard shipping which takes up to 21 days costs $7, while Expedited shipping which takes 14 days costs $18. As for the payment options, clients are allowed to pay for the products using Visa, Discover, AMEX, and MasterCard. used to offer payment options using E-Checks but the option is currently not available.

Regarding undelivered items, the mention regarding the topic was brief; according to, all the orders which were not received by the clients are eligible for reshipment. Aside from that, there were no discussions regarding refunds and other cases eligible for reshipments.

Clients may reach the site using the live chat function (when online) and by using the contact form on the site. Buyers may also call 800-400-0707. Reviews Reviews Reviews

The overall rating of clients for this site was actually great, based on the average of reviews found on’s overall rating was 4.9/5 stars. Feedback Feedback

Dennis, a client who reviewed on December 12, 2015, said in his comment that he was able to receive his orders within a 3-week delivery period. He ordered generic Cialis from the store, and because he was unsure of the product quality, he even sent the product to a lab for quantitative testing. He was surprised that the product was genuine (with the active ingredient). Overall, his rating for the store was 4.7 of 5.

Kris, another client, also gave it a stellar rating for its good service and quality product. The client spoke of finding quality meds on the site but without the high rates, unlike the prices of these meds on US pharmacies. The client gave the store 5/5.

Progressive Rx Reviews 2017

Reviews for Progressive Rx are seen online, even at third-party review platforms. Surprisingly, customer testimonials for the shop were positive and consumers were happy with their overall experience with the shop. Here are some forum comments from former clients the shop: Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

According to “brother sebastian”, a senior member, he had successful orders from Progressive Rx and had perfect transactions with the store.

In another comment, a user named “luvn2dance” also gave a good review of the store and stated that the shop looked promising.

Progressive Rx Coupon Codes

Coupon and voucher codes were not available on There were no current promos for any of its clients but it offers free shipping for its clients with orders of at least $99. Aside from that offer of free shipping, the store did not have others.

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