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Main Page of is a Mauritius-based pharmacy supplier of mainly weight-loss products, Reductil (Sibutramine) in particular. I think it’s peculiar from the other sites because it’s the first one I’ve seen marketing mainly weight loss products, as opposed to the common steroid and ED site concerns. It’s rather new, though, as it’s only into its 2 years in operation.

Aside from the weight loss products, also has various Rx and non-Rx meds from both generic and brand-name manufacturers. Other areas of medical concern is dealing with is ED, premature ejaculation, pain relief, depression, women’s health, and Hepatitis C. the medicines sold by are FDA-approved; even the generics are regulated by the FDAs in their manufacturing countries.

Though most products here are Rx meds, I have not seen statements by the site obliging clients to provide the necessary prescriptions for the medicines they would like to order. There was also no reason why’s allowing clients to order Rx drugs without a prescription. But even if it were so, clients should order and use Rx meds with caution, as they were made Rx drugs so that their use may be regulated by physicians properly. If indeed clients will order from the site, they should take their medications under their GP’s supervision still.

As for the prices, I think that’s actually reasonable. ED meds are reasonably priced here too, as the site is able to sell Brand-name Viagra (Pfizer) for just $14.58 each, but the minimum purchase is 12 pills. The generic ones are a lot cheaper, though; the 100 mg Sildenafil is sold for only $55.6 for 40 pills. Generic Cialis is made affordable here too and is sold for just $74 for 40 pills. Most of these generic ED meds were manufactured by well-known Indian Pharmaceutical companies, so ED meds here are also assured of good quality.

Payments accepted by the site are from major credit cards, bank transfers, and Western Union. The shipping cost for the items is $70 on all orders, which way is too high, even for courier delivery (5 days). I think that the fee is unreasonable. As for the returns, said that it can do reshipments for items which weren’t received within 30 days. But, the site wasn’t able to discuss refunds and other cases where they able to reship the orders. has a live chat support where clients may ask their concerns to the Customer Assistants. But I was unable to chat with one since the chat support wasn’t online. Clients may be able to contact support using the contact form provided on the site. There were no phone numbers advertised on the site, but it posted its business address which may be visited or sent mail to.

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Reductil Meridia Reviews:

Since was relatively new, I wasn’t able to find any client comment or testimonial for it, even on the official site. did not have client references from independent review sites too, which would have been good to refer to when it comes to the site’s credibility.

Reductil-Meridia Reviews 2016:

Reductil-Meridia Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Reductil-Meridia Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Even if is a new site, I was still expecting to find relevant reviews from its previous clients (if ever there were any). But it was disappointing that it did not have any, so its reputation remains questionable.

However, I was able to locate an analysis from Scam Adviser from the current year (2016). The result wasn’t good, though, as was only given a rating of 39% out of 100 when it came to its safety aspect. Although there were no malware reports detected for the site, it was discovered to be listed as a Rogue pharmacy or a pharmacy which does not comply with the set rules and regulations for online pharmaceutical businesses.

Since this was the only report I could base my evaluation from, I honestly couldn’t say that I can trust to deliver its promise of good service (100% client satisfaction) and high-quality products. Coupon Codes:

At first, I thought that had discount offers for its clients since I was able to look at several discount banners posted on the site. But to my dismay, those links just rerouted me to the product pages. In short, there were no special offers for clients. I just hope that did, as discounts, vouchers, freebies, and other stuff are essential marketing tools which help sites gain more client attention.

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