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Time and again, I have always insisted that any online drug store that conceals their location or the years they have been in operation always ends up to be a scam. Probably to confuse their customers with flower girl line up of the best customer service experience possible to their esteemed customers and high-quality discount prescription generic drugs. discloses their location which is Canada, only to go ahead and indicate that they have many years of experience in the industry. I mean, why is it so hard to specify the exact years? sells Anti- biotic, Weight Management Drugs, Anticancer Drugs and much more. They do not sell narcotics and controlled substances such as opiate-containing medications or tranquilizers. ReliableCanadianPharmacy specifically states that they reserve the right to refuse orders for medications if there is a doubt of potential abuse. At any point in time, I am only allowed to purchase 3 month worth of prescription which is a requirement in many countries to avoid drug dealing. There are also some men’s health drugs, and Levitra 20mg (Generic Version) is selling at $72 for 90 pills whereas Viagra 100mg (Generic Version) Tablet is sold at $895 for 500 pills. They must be the cheapest store I have come across. sources drugs from FDA-approved suppliers in their respective countries of origin. In case I want to order from the site I am allowed to use a Visa Card as the only mode of payment citing the transaction costs of the other forms of payment. Unfortunately, they do not accept insurance as a form of payment since they operate outside the USA.

After payment, the order is dispatched and takes 7 to 28 days to reach me. It is to be delivered using Standard Shipping worldwide at the cost of USD $ 9.99.

To make an order, I have to make sure that I know since when the store has been operating, and I ask the customer care to clarify this. True to their narrative, the customer care is snappy in their assistance but I was hit by ignorant support staffs who were plagued with selective amnesia. In particular, Robert Baker never answered this question despite me repeating it. He only provided different aspects of the store. This left me with no option but to drastically reduce the level of trust I had built so far.

Chat History with the Customer Service on Reliable Canadian Pharmacy
Chat History with the Customer Service on Reliable Canadian Pharmacy

ReliableCanadianPharmacy Reviews

There were some quite positive comments about the store on, but I always make a point of seeking independent feedback from other sites. It dawned on me the reason why the customer care wouldn’t reveal their operations. The reviews were found in other multiple sites, and has turned out to be cheating.

Smith from Australia posted on 01-08-2011 after he had allegedly bought Generic Viagra, and it reached me within 2 weeks, this same comment was found on other sites.

Tracy from the USA said on the same day, “The medication was delivered to my doorstep within 7-9 days totally safe and convenient”.

Coincidentally on the same day, John said he wished he should have found much earlier, he takes the creed to be a lifetime customer of the store. Kindly, polish your English brother.

All these reviews were found on other sites without modification, and this only underpins the fact that this site is an absolute scam. Otherwise, if you are not careful enough, you might end up offering your money as burnt offering to the gods behind this store.

Reliablecanadianpharmacy Reviews
Reliablecanadianpharmacy Reviews Reviews 2016 an independent oversight site has acknowledged that is a scam. It does not meet the Internet pharmacy verification standards and it best fits the standard of a rogue pharmacy.

A review on by Legitscript
A review on by Legitscript does not think otherwise as they feel that have some element of risk and could be unsafe to transact with. They also note that it is rarely visited. I bet these ratings will increase since I have visited the site today.

Despite them stating that it is based in Canada, seems to be having a weird combination as it may also be from Barbados.

A review on by Scamadvisor
A review on by Scamadvisor

Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

To decoy the potential clients, has two categories of coupon codes.

They promise a 5% discount on all orders.

Secondly, they promise a mark-down of 10% on re-orders.

With all the twaddle that I have discovered, no one would be interested in the offers.

Coupon Code and Re-order Discount on Reliablecanadianpharmacy
Re-order Discount on Reliablecanadianpharmacy
5% Special Discount Offer by Coupon Code
5% Special Discount Offer by Coupon Code
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