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Most of the sites I visit have unusual names which are not explained on their information pages. is one of these sites as its name refers to “reorders” but actually did not provide further explanations why it was named so. Anyway, is a 7-year-old site which assures clients of 100% satisfaction on all its products and service. Comparable with other sites, did not disclose anywhere on its pages where it operates from or how the business came to be.

This pharmacy offers a number of medications for clients to choose from. As is common to most online pharmacies, also lists its products by relevance by grouping them into categories (medical condition). Patients can find both brand-name and generic medications on the site, which are all approved by the FDA for distribution and use. The generic drugs are approved and regulated by the Indian FDA or the FDAs of their manufacturing countries, as the US FDA’s approved meds are the brand-name ones. offers a discussion for the generic meds, as it is encouraging clients to purchase generics to help them save on cost but still have the same quality of meds as the brand-name medications.

No prescription policy was found on for its clients to follow through. Since that was the case, I think clients are allowed to purchase any prescription drug here without being regulated or asked for a paper prescription. It is good for some, but the freedom is potentially dangerous so clients should still consult with their GP regarding the meds they are buying from the site.

The products on are from categories like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Birth Control, Depression, Allergies, Asthma, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and more. Basically, almost every drug found on local pharmacies is here; the only difference is that clients are not asked for anything Rx-related for the purchase of products on this site. The exceptions on’s items are controlled substances, psychotropic meds, and narcotics. No banned substance is sold here at

Erectile Dysfunction has its own category and lists a huge number of medications under it. There were brand-name meds and their generic analogs available on the site, so clients have a great number of items to choose from. Since My-reorder encourages buying generics, the ones I looked into are the basic generic ED meds. My-reorder sells 20 Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) pills for $48.31 for the 100 mg variant. Clients may purchase at least 10 pills although I think that the 20-pill pack is a better deal; they can also get Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) at $49 for 20 pills (20 mg). Clients can opt for lower strengths as they are also available on the site, and they are also sold cheaper than those I mentioned. takes payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin payments. After these payments are cleared, the site ships the items either via Airmail ($15, takes 21 days) or EMS ($30, takes 9 days), depending on a client’s preference. Aside from these shipping charges, asks an optional fee of $7 for the delivery insurance during checkout. I actually don’t see the point why the site asks for this “delivery insurance” if it already guarantees reshipments or refunds in the cases of problems in delivery (through its satisfaction guarantee).

Clients may opt for refunds within 30 days of receiving their orders if they are in any way dissatisfied with the site’s service. In cases of bad deliveries, did not actually have a fixed solution and instead asks its clients to contact Support for the resolution of the conflicts in delivery.

I thought that had a live chat function due to the icon on the bottom of the site; but when I clicked the icon, I was just redirected to the current page I was browsing. There is no live chat support for As for other ways to reach, clients may use the email function on the site’s Contact page. They may also call these numbers: +1-800-715-5341 and +44-203-318-5981.

My Re Order Reviews:

My Re Order Reviews
My Re Order Reviews

Browsing reviews, I found several praises for’s service. Kevin Logan thanked for delivering his items and said that he will reorder.

Mohammed Farooq also confirmed to have received his order from and also thanked the store’s support team for being helpful in the order process.

But I have already seen these reviews from clients on other sites. These reviews were all with similar content—the clients and their reports were all the same and without revision. This is alarming, as it does not indicate good integrity for That’s a bad move by copying existing reviews instead of having its own.

My-Reorder Reviews 2016:

My-Reorder Trust Rating by Scamadviser
My-Reorder Trust Rating by Scamadviser

I tried looking for relevant content for on the web, but I was unable to find client reviews for it on reputable online sites (review sites/blogs). But I came across this site analysis for My Reorder from It had disappointing results, though; was only given 0 out of 100 for its trust rating, signifying that isn’t safe to order from.

The low rating was caused by My-reorder being identified having a “rogue” status and malware reports linked to it. Instead of 7, the site was only seen to have 3 years of service. Those are not good markers for safety and as a client, I’d rather stay away from this site despite its encouraging offers for the ED meds. Coupon Codes: was not a fan of coupons or discounts for its clients but rather offered freebies on all its items available. It also offered free Airmail shipping for orders exceeding $200, and free EMS shipping on all orders more than $300.

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