Closed: Where Can I Find an Honest Store this Time? was a long-running virtual store that was providing several types of medications worldwide. Recently, Request Pills is no longer available and is inaccessible since its domain has been seized by ICE. According to what is explained by Homeland Security Investigations, the pharmacy is being investigated for several federal crimes such as intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting products. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

Several online pharmacies are currently being shut down and/or apprehended without any notice and leaving many clients without anywhere else to turn to. The bitter reality relies on the fact that many of these pharmacies are innocent of what they are accused of and will never be able to bounce back after these accusations. The apprehension of such stores is many times, due to the combined efforts of leading pharmaceuticals. These bigger companies consider small online stores to be serious competitors since they offer affordable meds and attract many customers. In order to prevent clients to resort to them, leading pharmaceuticals find legal grounds to close online drugstores. Reviews

Request Pills was a pharmacy that you were, most likely, aware of its existence. The store was running for more than 5 years and was located in Cyprus, Greece. The medications were being sourced from various suppliers worldwide, and Request Pills repertoire included both branded and generic medications.

The products distributed by Request Pills included over-the-counter meds and some other prescription-only drugs. However, Request Pills did not require customers to present a valid prescription to purchase in the store. The pharmacy claimed that all their meds were FDA approved, including the ones used to treat erectile dysfunction. In fact, selling branded Viagra at a much cheaper price was one of the reasons why the store was known.

Request Pills were known among consumers, sadly, not for the best reasons. Some clients complained about not receiving their products and not being able to call the store due to the numbers’ suspension. Other clients also explained how the store wrongly charged shipping as well. Most customers considered Request Pills to be a fraud. Moreover, Scam Adviser seemed to be in agreement with these ugly feedbacks, giving Request Pills a low trust rating. This analyzing tool also highlighted the fact that the store was rarely visited and advised the audience to stay away from the pharmacy. Alternatives

It is necessary to have an extra set of eyes to buy meds from online pharmacies nowadays. It seems like Request Pills was not the perfect store and was indulgent in some fraudulent activities. We don’t want you to get deceived by anyone, anymore. We are here to guide towards the best stores without any harassment. Our website contains a list of vendors, carefully evaluated by our team of experts, from where you can choose the best pharmacy for you. The drugstores in this last are trustworthy and distribute high-quality, approved, and effective drugs that will meet your standards. We guarantee these pharmacies are honest and will provide you with the affordable drugs you need.


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