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After reviewing many vendors’ websites I am bit confused what to select and what to reject. This certainly can’t be done based only on the first impression. Today, I reached Roidstore and want to review it. The dark background of this website has depressed me, but I have to search it to find ED medication. is delivering superb products that have been tried, tested and approved at unbeatable prices. It is claiming unbiased supplement advice depending on specific customer’s need to make a purchase remember able. It is UK based online pharmacy whose establishment year is not mentioned on the website. It has a good variety of assortments that includes injectable for different therapeutic conditions, tablet dosage forms, human growth hormones, peptides, men’s health, weight loss, post cycle therapy, and different prescription medications.

I don’t know whether it is providing FDA approved products or not because it is not mentioned on the website, so I don’t think so the product quality is in accordance with FDA. has different price ranges for each product, for example, I can purchase Viagra 50 mg jar containing 20 tablets at $ 40 while Cialis 10 mg jar containing 50 tablets at a price of $ 40. I think it is the very reasonable price, as it is very cheap as compared to US local pharmacies.

For UK domestic shipment royal mail first class, royal mail second class or royal mail special shipping is carried out. The fastest way of shipment in the UK is special royal mail that is within 24 hours other may take maximum 48 hours. For international shipment either Air-Sure or International signed for can be selected. It has a different cost for different countries. The most accepted payment methods are bank transfer, money gram, PayPal and the Western Union.

As I haven’t experienced any online purchasing, therefore, I am a bit worried about shipment accuracy and quality of the product. I have tried to find out refund policy but I think it is not working. Satisfaction guarantee is not provided by this online pharmacy that’s mean somewhere there will be a compromise in quality.

I have then contacted the website to get information about satisfaction guarantee, but with no luck. My email is not answered even after 2 hours, so the point is I can’t connect if I need an immediate help. Reviews:

Another important aspect for reviewing an online pharmacy is to check the response of real customers about It is very helpful feedback that can be utilized to make a decision. There are a lot of statements on its official website as “cheaper price and best quality”, but how can I believe them without any evidence? Customers who have posted reviews have experience regarding purchasing from this store, so whatever they are telling about it, is exactly what it is, with an exception of scam reviews.

I cannot risk my money or health, so I will make a wise decision only based on proven evidence. I can only select a vendor in the presence of positive authentic response about it.

I have no worries about scam reviews in this case because does not have any reviews. I am again blank; I cannot assess reliability in the absence of reviews. However, I can say it is neither common seller nor popular among patients. The absence of previous reviews can be analyzed as a new website or less reliable, that is the reason it remains unpopular.

RoidStore Reviews 2016:

As I have not found any previous review, therefore, I am hoping for recent reviews. I think there is more weightage for recent reviews because I want to use this service now. So, current reputation, performance, and credibility are more crucial. Unfortunately, I have not received any recent review also that is really against to this online pharmacy as it shows it’s very less popularity.

I have checked it through scam advisor that is authentic analyzer for website’s analysis. Scam advisor reports that it is either from China or Seychelles and it is a new website that involves high risk country with unknown popularity. I cannot term it as completely safe rather it is safe up to 65 %. I cannot consider it worth recommending.

Safety Report of by Scamadvisor
Safety Report of by Scamadvisor

Roid Store Coupon Codes:

Sale and promotions involve healthy competition for the attraction of customers. it is equally good opportunity for customers like me to get our desired products at lower rates. Savings is much desired for all customers but I haven’t found any discounts or offers such as free shipment or off on a limit of purchase. I received a single coupon code discount.

  • It is offered by official website as 20 % off for only UK customers using a summer special code. I think it is good opportunity to have more reasonable purchasing.
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