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Should clients want to have online access to otherwise inaccessible meds such as steroids, I think is the place to go. According to its info, all the steroids sold here are legal and are 100% assured of great quality. Well, like the common steroid stores, did not include any information about its location, history, or anything else that might give clients access to its business details. I have no idea why, but I haven’t seen any site present its contact information for the general public to see. It may be because steroids are very sensitive to deal with; or that the owners of steroid sites are trying to evade the law.

There is not one mention on regarding these drugs being approved or accredited by any drug-governing body. It only states that it has a wide range of products to choose from, including a number of rare products to come by, which are all either brand-name or generic in nature. The products sold here may actually be approved by the FDA but not for online sale. I think these products were acquired illegally because no store is allowed to dispense any controlled substance (such as steroids) without asking its clients for any prescription. does not ask any doctors’ recommendation from clients; it just dispenses the steroids as clients are able to pay them. That scares me, though, as these substances are prone to abuse by other clients and are potentially dangerous to be taken without any doctor’s order.

Aside from having all sorts of anabolic steroids and hormones for bulking up, there are also a few other drugs included in its list, like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Dapoxetine, Finasteride, and a few more others. The arrangement of the products for is peculiar, as they are arranged alphabetically by their generic names. I realized that the arrangement was making it hard for me to search for products using its system of arrangement. Luckily, there was a search function to aid me with my search.

I was glad that is able to offer a few ED meds for clients like me. has generic medications for Erectile Dysfunction and most of these products were Indian-made generics from the suppliers Ajanta Pharma and LA Pharma. Kamagra Gold by Ajanta is sold at $17.03 for the 4-pill blister. Tadalafil is also available here, in the form of Tadalix (25 mg) and costs $45.42 for a pack of 10 pills. offers to ship to clients worldwide and it has two available shipping choices for its clients. Standard shipping for orders (up to 9 days) is $9.03/GLOBAL express is $17.03, $39 for EMS (up to 7 days), and $39+10% of the order amount for EMS with insurance. The rates are actually not the same for each order, as charges less for larger orders. For orders $330 to $879, shipping via Letter/Airmail is free and EMS is $28 (plus 10% of the order amount if insurance it to be availed of). Recommended Letter/Airmail shipping and EMS shipping is free for orders $880 and up. For orders, $56 and below, clients are charged a low order fee of $11 on top of their bill. With regards to refunds and reshipments, clients are just advised to contact support in cases of failed deliveries and will do what it can to compensate for the losses.

Because protects its site and its clients from credit/debit card fraud, it only accepts payments from bank wire transfers. Nice try! There are no other accepted payment methods, but clients may ask its support for additional payment avenues. uses the ticketing system for clients support and does not disclose any contact information to its clients. I have observed that it is not the only steroid site which does that; all the others are hiding their business information too, and for some unknown reason. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Reviews for were actually hard to find. I was only able to find a single reference to from a client who posted on JP4355 (posted February 2015) related his experience with the site; not from ordering or its service, though. He told in his comment that he found out that he was alerted by his Security software that might be hacked. He advised clients to use a security service for safe browsing.

Aside from that review, there is none reflecting’s service and quality of products.

RoidsTrade Reviews 2016:

Roidstrade Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Roidstrade Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

2016 reviews or mentions of weren’t also available; what’s available, though, was this review by Scam Adviser for’s security. According to, is a 4-year-old site from Slovakia with links to a number of suspicious websites. It was just rated 31% safe and “suspicious” to deal with.

Roids Trade Coupon Codes:, from time-to-time, has coupon codes offered for its clients but at the moment, it has none. But it offers free Recommended Letter shipping for orders $330 to $879, and free EMS shipping for orders $880 and above.

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