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Front Page of is obviously a site meant for body builders as implied by the large muscular person in the photo. This store sells mostly steroids; the difference of this site among other steroid-selling sites is that it aims to give “quality” choices for its clients by offering a more concise number of items to choose from. Other sites give an astounding selection of items, but kept its list small so that its buyers can choose the best ones.

It was not stated where operates from, but I have noticed that its Whatsapp number’s area code refers to the Philippines. It’s still unconfirmed, though. is also not a pharmacy, but it’s a site which mediates the sale of the steroids from a network of suppliers to online clients. It wasn’t directly stated, but that information may be found on its “About Us” page. Not many steroid sites have information pages, though; so the fact that had one is commendable.

However, like other online steroid sites, did not provide much information regarding where it sources its products or whether they are approved by the FDA for dispensing or use. lists the links to the official sites of its products’ manufacturers instead. I visited the links, but there were no mentions of the site anywhere in those manufacturers’ links.

There was also no statement about the site’s asking of prescriptions for any of its products. But since steroids are generally illegal to sell online, I think that prescriptions are not really required by from its clients. Buyers must be wary, though, as these steroids are not to be played with. It’s maybe not an option for clients to consult with their doctors regarding their use of steroids, but I think those with medical existing considerations should be checking in with their doctors first before taking any steroid for buffing.

Aside from selling all sorts of steroids, is also providing its buyers several non-steroid items such as Erectile Dysfunction pills, some Benzodiazepines, and nootropics. ED pills are generally prescription meds while Benzodiazepines are not legal to sell online. As for the ED meds, only offers generics from a few Indian suppliers. It has Tadalafil (generic Cialis) for $83.59 for 100 tabs (20 mg) and Sildenafil (generic Viagra) from Iran and sells it for $23 for 4 pills (100 mg). Only about less than 5 ED meds are offered by and none were from manufacturers common to generics. Some were mainly from’s steroid suppliers.

Regarding shipping, charges $16 on all the orders shipped via Airmail. It takes up to 4 weeks for the orders to arrive. ships the items within 4 days of receiving payments from clients through Western Union, Moneygram, Skrill and Bank Transfer.

When orders are seized by Customs, will reship the orders. But it does not reship to Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Germany, and Italy. is also able to resend orders which are damaged during transit. Clients are advised to contact support for more information using its email support or by using these contact details:


+63 908 063 8899


[email protected] Reviews:

There was a number of client reviews for from and they were positive regarding’s service and products.

Aytosh who posted about 4 years ago told that he was able to receive the stuff he ordered. The steroids worked fine for him, and the only concern he had was the shipping time, as Airmail took time. But he also mentioned that the slow transit time was not a concern for him.

Another client, Nobrain (posted 2 years ago) thanked for its efficient service and good products. He had been a regular buyer and did not encounter problems with his purchases and the products at all. He recommended buying from the site.

Myway is also another buyer who recommends buying from He was also a repeat customer, and he said in his review that the store had been his supplier for a while and that he was “impressed” by its service. Products, according to him, were effective too.

I think these reviews are impressive since they were from a renowned forum site. No further elaboration needed, as I presume these good reviews speak for themselves.

Rolls Roids Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Rolls Roids by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Rolls Roids by Scamadviser

Although had good reviews from the past years, I was unable to find client reviews for for the current year. It would have been better if there were client reviews available, as services from online shops are unpredictable; the good reports from previous years might not be applicable to the present year.

Concerning its rating from Scam Adviser, had a 42% for its Trust Rating and was known to be a “rogue” site with malware reports. This result is a setback and indicates a degree of risk for the clients who would like to order from the site in the future.

Rollsroids Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $300 on Rollsroids
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above 300 Euro on Rollsroids

Orders with $321 and above totals are eligible for free shipping on This conditional free shipping is more lenient than most of the online steroid sites having the eligibility for $600 and up only. I saw a weekly offer icon, but I was unable to find any weekly offers available for the site’s clients.

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