Review – With Good Product Prices but Gained Buyer Complaints During its Lifetime Main Page Main Page offers products which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so the clients are assured of the medicine’s good quality. However, Sam Rx did not say what FDA of which country approved the medications for patient use. Although Sam Rx did not explicitly state that its products are all generic medications, the store discusses the benefits of choosing generics over the brand name medications. The store only had several medical categories which its products are grouped in and they include men and women’s sexual health, over-the-counter, weight loss, general health, and smoking cessation. Featured meds on included generic impotence medications such as Kamagra, Tadalis, Caverta, and more, plus Generic Zyban, Finpecia, Generic Propecia, Generic Amoxil, and other medications.

Some of the products on Sam Rx are from unknown manufacturers. The prices were low, especially for generic impotence medications, but these medicines with no manufacturer information are dubious and may be harmful to your health. requires prescriptions for some of its products, although the store did not state which products actually require the provision of Rx before they are dispensed out of the store.

I was particularly interested in the prices of impotence meds on the shop. Generic Viagra 100 mg on Sam Rx is sold for $25 per 10 pills for new clients and $23 for old clients. Freebie pills are awarded to buyers with at least 50 pills purchase or order amount of $55 for new clients or $49 for old clients. Generic Cialis 20 mg, on the other hand, costs $49 for ten pills for the new clients, but old customers are only charged $44 for the same order quantity. There are no free pills for Cialis orders on Sam Rx, though. You have to ask support if these meds need prescriptions, but still, you have to prepare your Rx copies before ordering any impotence medication from any source, since erectile dysfunction meds are Rx drugs.

No shipping rates are viewable on and buyers are requested to create their accounts on prior to placing their orders. Sam Rx offers a money back guarantee in the cases of wrong deliveries, defective items, and expired products. However, the store did not say if it will refund or reship payments for orders which failed to arrive. Reshipments are also available if desired by the buyers. accepts only VISA and E-check payments, so you have to have use one of these payment options to order from the store. Although had a live chat support function, the support team is offline and the store may only be reached by leaving a message using the chat box or the integrated message function on the “Help Desk” page. Reviews had some reviews from an external review platform. The shop had a good review and a complaint from two different clients posting on two separate occasions. Here are the reviews found for Sam Rx on

The earlier comment was from Curt, who posted his review on May 2012. Curt gave Sam Rx 5 5 stars and mentioned that he received his order faster than he anticipated. According to him, his first experience with was a good one due to its good prices, good products, and swift delivery. He stated that he will order from the store again.

Greg, on the other hand, posted his complaint about and gave the shop 1 star. Greg had two orders on Sam Rx and he only received one package. His first order was shipped very late (3 weeks after his order date) and his other order had not yet arrived during the time of his review. Reviews 2016

Although is still functioning, there were no recent reviews posted for this store on external platforms. However, the online pharmacy had its own testimonials section with on-site comments posted by supposed clients of the store.

There were no dates on the reviews posted by the alleged clients. Most of the buyer comments were from USA-based clients and these consumers thanked Sam Rx mostly for their erectile dysfunction meds. The men were happy with the products sold on and they said that they had good deals from Sam Rx.

However, because these comments were only posted on, these reviews were unreliable and may also not be true. Some shops invent comments and testimonials for their store to appear trustworthy, and this may be the case with Sam Rx. did have a record on Scam Adviser too. Scam Adviser dubbed Sam Rx a suspicious site and gave it a low score of 44/100 due to its current rogue rating, its hidden location, and its links to high-risk websites. had an age of 7 years but the store only had a few visitors during its lifetime. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are not available on but the shop had other deals accessible for the buyers. The store offers free shipping for buyers with more than $100 worth of orders (regular shipping) and more than $250 worth of orders (express shipping).

Both old and new clients are entitled to e-check discounts; the store offers 10% off for new buyers their e-check orders, but old consumers are given 20% on e-check paid orders and 10% on credit card paid orders. Free pills are given to clients when they purchase certain products, like generic Viagra products, for instance.

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