Russian Pharmacy – Risky Network to Transact

Russian Pharmacy is a system of online pharmacies working under one name or one company. Usually, websites listed under one pharmacy network have the same appearances, although some pharmacy networks, such as “Russian Pharmacy” named shops have different looking websites affiliated to it.

Although the Russian Network pharmacies are existing on the web, it was rather challenging to search for pharmacies affiliated with the Russian Pharmacy network—the search engines turn up SEO optimized data, but not all the results were relevant. I was only able to find two websites affiliated with the “Russian Pharmacy” network, although their store names are not identical.

Online pharmacy networks intentionally employ several online pharmacies under its care mainly for increasing traffic to their main website. These companies want more sales, but instead of investing in marketing strategies and leveraging paid traffic, they create more websites to catch traffic instead. Although some of the web pharmacy networks are legit, the multiple mirror and clone websites put buyers at risk of encountering bogus sites created by scammers to look like one of the mirror copies of actual web pharmacies.

Russian Pharmacy Reviews

Russian Pharmacy Trust Rating
Russian Pharmacy Trust Rating

The web does not have comments from clients who previously encountered “Russian Pharmacy” stores. There were no mentions of Russian Pharmacy sites on independent review platforms, as well as forum websites. Due to this, I used several online platforms to assess the Russian Pharmacy websites I was able to get ahold of:, one of the “Russian Pharmacy” websites on the web scored excellently on Scam Adviser, one of the reliable web analysis platforms I often use to assess shop domains. According to the result, has a lot of visitors and looks safe (100/100).

Russian Pharmacy Domain Information
Russian Pharmacy Domain Information

The other site,, also scored excellently on Scam Adviser. According to more details for the shop, the store has a history of 10+ years on the web. A long run time for online stores is usually a good sign, but we still can’t be sure about the credibility of the store because of its lack of reviews for its service.

Russian Pharmacy Online

I came across only two “Russian Pharmacy” websites. These sites have different store names, but their tabs are named “Russian Pharmacy”. I found two shops: and The shops have a similar green hue scheme, but besides that, there is little similarities between the two. (Russian Pharmacy) Home Page (Russian Pharmacy) Home Page

The site has a secure page (https://) which assures clients of a safe browsing experience. This website is not only an online pharmacy—it also serves as an online grocery with food, drink, health, and beauty products. The store though offered an “Apteka” with about 417 products for various medical needs (kidney problems, pain relief, digestive health products, stress relief meds, skin treatments, and various others). This shop, although it has a “Russia” term in it, operates in the United States and caters to consumers located within the US alone. (Russian Pharmacy) Home Page (Russian Pharmacy) Home Page

The other “Russian Pharmacy” named store, also has the “Russian Pharmacy” term on its tab alone. Like the other website, this Russian Pharmacy is not only an online drug store, it is also a grocery store with food and drinks, and several cosmetic products.

Similar to the other store, Russian Pharmacy ( is also operating in the United States and caters to clients in the country alone, and not really to clients in Russia. The shops carried the “Russian Pharmacy” name due as these stores notably sold products with Russian origins, like Balsam, Ukranian Motherwort Tincture, Mezim Forte, and others. The shops also had a wide assortment of imported Russian products such as herring, deli meats, cheeses, and traditional Russian goods.

Russian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

The Russian Pharmacy stores offered free shipping for its consumers. The stores, though, did not have seasonal coupon codes for its clients and other discount events. Here are the banners from the two Russian Pharmacy sites:

Russian Pharmacy Free Shipping Offer
Russian Pharmacy Free Shipping Offer offered free shipping for its consumers with purchases of more than $150 in total. However, the shop mentioned that this free shipping offer is valid only on orders within the continental United States, and only for products weighing less than 50 lbs.

Russian Pharmacy Free Shipping for $150+ US orders
Russian Pharmacy Free Shipping for $150+ US orders

The other Russian Pharmacy, also offers free shipping for its consumers. Like the other store, the free shipping offer is for buyers with orders greater than $150 and also orders not greater than 50 lbs. Alaska, Hawaii, and PO Box addresses are also excluded from the free shipping offer.

Russian Pharmacy Numbers

The two Russian Pharmacy websites presented two different contact numbers for their consumers. Here is the phone number offered by


On the other hand, here is the number and address published at the page:



801 west 181 street, New York NY, 10033

These websites are still active, so clients can use these existing numbers to connect with the stores. even offers a live chat support which consumers can use conveniently.

Russian Pharmacy Spam

Since both Russian Pharmacy stores did not have visible spam and scam reports from its former clients, I tried searching databases of web platforms to check on their present status. For instance, I used to assess the current status of

Russian Pharmacy Safety Rating
Russian Pharmacy Safety Rating

According to the result of the analysis, the store had an overall score of 36% and has a “decent” popularity. The store has its SSL certificate which aids in the buyer protection against scammers; however, the store was still given a low rating due to its lack of trust records.

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