Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com Review – Another Unreviewed Site with Credibility Issues

Home of Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com
Home of Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com

Rx-certifieddrugstore.com has an alternative name of US Drugs Ltd., which made it a bit confusing to me at first. The site, Rx-certifieddrugstore.com, has been on the web since 2003, giving it more than 10 years in the field. According to the site, it employs a system which it calls the “Three-Step Quality Check” of TSQC, which ensures that the meds to be purchased by the clients are of the highest quality possible. Since the founder, Dr. Michael Harris and Dr. Clark Thomas are both legal medical practitioners from the US, it can be implied that Rx-certifieddrugstore.com is an onlinepharmacy based from there too.

Rx-certifieddrugstore.com sells both generic and branded meds, and it said that its suppliers for the generic meds are large, renowned drug manufacturers from India. As far as I know, the only meds manufactured in India are generic meds. But aside from sourcing generic meds from India, the site also said that it has products which were made in the US too. All of the products sold by Rx-certifieddrugstore.com were meds regulated and approved by relevant drug agencies such as the FDA (both US and India).

Rx-certifieddrugstore.com did not mention asking clients for their prescriptions regarding their Rx meds orders. It goes without saying that Rx-certifieddrugstore.com requires no prescriptions from its clients at all. There was also no note of the site having medical consultations for clients without any prescriptions but discussed the need of clients for actual patient-doctor interaction.

The types of meds sold by the site for its clients are those mostly for chronic conditions, lifestyle medications, smoking cessation meds, weight-loss medicines and several supplements. While Rx-certifieddrugstore.com sells a wide range of medications for its clients, it does not have banned substances, narcotics, and other meds which may be used for abuse.

Included in Rx-certifieddrugstore.com’s lifestyle meds are the ED medications. Rx-certifieddrugstore.com has a number of them available. It has the famous ones, but in their generic versions, mostly. 30 pieces of Generic Viagra (Sildenafil) in 100 mg is sold by Rx-certifieddrugstore.com at $76.50 and gives additional pills on every purchase. Generic Cialis is also sold for a minimum of 30 pieces and costs $90.60 for the pack. Generic Levitra is also available and may be bought for $88.50 for a pack of 30 pills.

Buyers interested may pay for their orders using their Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Since the cost of the products does not yet include the shipping fees, clients are made to pay for them separately, with the costs dependent upon which courier option the clients are able to choose. Regular Airmail, which takes up 21 days waiting time, costs $15; while Express Courier, which only has 14 days waiting time, costs $25. However, the Express courier option is available for US clients only. Clients are charged an optional $4.95 delivery insurance fee for guaranteed reshipments for failed deliveries.

Rx-certifieddrugstore.com is able to reship orders which weren’t received by the clients or those which were received but were damaged, incomplete, or wrong. Clients are also allowed to exchange their orders. Refunds are also given by the site in case clients prefer them over reshipments.

In the case of other concerns, clients may be able to reach Rx-certifieddrugstore.com by using its customer ticket system. They may also use the following information:

Main Office:

  • 11811 North Fwy, Houston, TX, 77060, USA

Phone Numbers:

  • +1-507-399-0240
  • +44-01310-618-7870

Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com Reviews:

Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com Reviews
Rx-Certifieddrugstore.com Reviews

Of these “client testimonials” I have posted, the only one I find relevant was the one from George Winterborne (New Zealand). According to him, he appreciates the standard that Rx-certifieddrugstore.com when it comes to service. He was also appreciative of the fast delivery that the site gave him (2 days only)

The testimonials from Mary Weller (UK) and John Longman (Ontario) weren’t actually for the site. they were just discussions on how Viagra is able to help clients, and that’s it. They were not client reviews and therefore in no way relevant to Rx-certifieddrugstore.com.

Aside from the other comments being irrelevant to the site, all of these “client reviews” were also found on other sites and in the same format. This means that Rx-certifieddrugstore.com did not really have reviews and was faking every client comment so that it can get more sales.

Rx-Certifieddrugstore Reviews 2016:

Reputation Analysis by LegitScript on Rx-Certifieddrugstore
Reputation Analysis of Rx-Certifieddrugstore  by LegitScript
Rx-Certifieddrugstore Trust Rating by Scamadvisor
Rx-Certifieddrugstore Trust Rating by Scamadvisor

No reviews for 2016 were found for Rx-certifieddrugstore, but I was able to come across results from Scam Adviser and LegitScript.com. The results were disappointing, though, as LegitScript rated Rx-certifieddrugstore.com “Rogue” and Scam Adviser gave it a 0% safety rating (plus a Rogue status too).

This means that Rx-certifieddrugstore.com was unable to comply with the ethical and legal standards sites are required to comply with. Since the ratings for Rx-certifieddrugstore.com is low, I wouldn’t dare try ordering from this site, as I may be compromising my own security by doing so.

Rx Certified Drug Store Coupon Codes:

Bonus Policy on Rx Certified Drug Store
Bonus Policy on Rx Certified Drug Store

According to Rx-certifieddrugstore.com, it is giving away 4 free bonus pills on every order. It is also able to offer free shipping for a minimum number of purchases; for instance, free Airmail shipping for orders $150 and above, and free express shipping for orders $300 and above. The insurance fee will also be rendered free for orders $200 and more.

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