Rx-Deals.com Review – Drug Vending Site with no Real Deals

Front Page of Rx-Deals.com
Front Page of Rx-Deals.com

Rxdeals.com is another site selling generic prescription drugs. The site has a different layout than what I am used to seeing, but this site’s content is just the same with the other sites that I have been seeing. There is no information in this site as to where it is based, and there is also no information regarding the starting year of its operation. Nevertheless, this site seems new, as its copyright indicates the current year.

The most of the drugs being sold here are generic medicines. These meds were manufactured in India, and were approved by the Indian FDA. Many of these meds are prescription meds, but the site does not require prescriptions from clients who wish to purchase the Rx drugs. This is a problem because it is not legal to sell Rx meds without requiring prescriptions. Also meddling with prescription meds could have serious implications to one’s health, and in some cases, may even lead to premature loss of life.

There are a lot of meds being sold here, as Rx-Deals.com has this common long list of meds available for purchase. Although this site has a lot to sell, Erectile Dysfunction meds remain to be its bestsellers. ED meds are cheap here; the site’s generic Viagra can cost as low as $0.36 each, and its generic Cialis can get as low as $0.88 each, if bought in bulk. But still, the meds here are cheaper than what is commonly offered in the local pharmacies.

Clients who would like to purchase from Rx-Deals.com are asked to pay for the products via Visa, MasterCard, and E-Checks. Other payment methods are not accepted. As for the orders’ shipment, the site can ship the orders either via Airmail or Express Mail, depending on the client preference. If clients prefer to have their parcels shipped faster, they may choose EMS, but they have to pay a little higher. EMS shipping costs $30 and takes only 5-9 days to arrive. If clients opt for a cheaper shipping method and do not mind waiting for 2-3 weeks, then Airmail shipment would suffice. Airmail only costs $10. In case of delivery problems like missing parcels, incomplete orders, and damaged orders, client can contact customer support for refunds and order reshipment.

I thought that Rx-Deals.com had online chat support, but it seems that its chat support is encountering technical problems. Or it’s just offline when I visited. But there are other ways to contact the site than the online chat support. This site can be messaged in the contact box allotted in the site, or clients may simply have to call +19173832064 and +16476941568. However, I have noticed that this site had no physical address, or no mailing address. It just concerns me when a certain site does not give away its business/physical address.

Rx-Deals Reviews:

Rx-Deals Reviews
Rx-Deals Reviews

This site had a number of customer reviews, which were all positive. Fabrizio (Naples) appreciated the site due to its cheap prices and its quick delivery. He also commended the site for being able to accommodate all his queries. The client also said that he recommends the site “with all his heart”.

Leopoldo, a client from Heidelberg, also thanked the site for being responsive to his questions. Gunter (Berlin) also commended the customer service, but for updating the client regarding the status of his order. Frank, from Denver, also commended the site for being able to deliver his order, but also related how satisfied he was with the effect of the products.

Although this site had reviews which were almost touching, these reviews were merely in-site reviews, and may be altered by the site to encourage more clients to purchase from it. Unless the site provides proof that these were verified purchases, and were actually from real “clients”. In-site reviews are always hard to believe, because these reviews are still without proof.

Rx Deals Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Rx Deals by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Rx Deals by Scamadviser

There were no external reviews pertaining to the site’s service for the current year. External reviews are essential in establishing a site’s credibility, and since this site had none, its integrity still remains in question.

Scam Adviser gave the client gave the site a 46% rating and indicated that the site was “threat-listed”. A rating like this means that clients should be careful when dealing with this site, as there is a possible risk of compromising the clients’ information during the payment process.

Rx-Deals.com Coupon Codes:

As for deals, promotions or discounts, there were none offered by this site for its clients. Not even free shipping, or at least a few pills of ED free. There’s just nothing.

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