RX-Direct.com Review – New Store with No Customer Response

RX-Direct.com website screenshot
RX-Direct.com website screenshot

Coming up with a list of online pharmacies to trust is somehow time consuming, but it is a worthwhile. RX-Direct is the online store that am going to review in this article. At a glance, the website comes out as a 1 stop shop with all the medication I need – this is promising. I read that they have physicians who are dedicated to prescribing popular medications to customer at no consultation fee. It seems I do not need a physical exam; I need to make my own decision with the help of the physicians.

The main assortment of this site are listed on the homepage of the website and they include: ADHD, General health, Anti – Anxiety, Anti-depressants, Antibiotics, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Men`s Health, Women`s Health, Skin Care, Gastro Health, Special Combo Packs, Pain Relief, Sleeping Aids and Weight loss. I have found out that I can get 30 Pills (100mg) of Viagra at $121, 10 Pills (200mg) of Generic Cialis at $90 or 10 Pills (100mg) of Generic Levitra at $59.

According to the return policy, they do not accept returned prescription medications due to Federal Law. This is an indication that their products are FDA approved. Let’s say I am buying Viagra, they expect me to open an account with them and after selecting the product I need payments can be made through VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, Western Union, e-check and Diner’s Club international. Shipment is done worldwide through DHL, TNT and United States Postal Service. The website informs me that after my prescription has been received, filed and shipped, the normal delivery time is about 10 to 17 business days. I am liable for the customs clearance, taxes and future expense. I could not find shipping cost, probably it is visible when checking out. I have contacted the customer support team of RX DIRECT through their live customer support system and was connected to the same third party outsourced customer service that I had conversation with while checking out the other sites selling ED meds. Looks like they work under one roof.

RX-Direct.com Reviews:

I was not able to find customer reviews for this online site, so I will have to determine its reputation based on different scam analyzing sites. The vendor appeared to be high trusting and safe in the beginning, but I do not feel the same way anymore.

RX Direct Reviews 2016:

Currently the trust level is low and suggests that it might not be safe using the website. The site is hosted in the United Kingdom but the owner of the online site appears to be in United States. I am therefore compelled to review the information with caution and decide whether it really fits the image. Netherlands is also involved, so it is hard to determine whether the website might be a scam in disguise.

In other safety sites, the online store appears to be new and thus the browsing status is considered to be safe. The website appears to be using HTTP Secure, safe for transaction. The rating reputation of this online store is not constant and thus hard to understand where it stands. I assumed that since they have low prices, fast shipping, secure order and an online support they must be having numerous reviews. I am not sure whether to trust RX-Direct.

RX-Direct.com Trust Score

RX-Direct Coupon Codes:

There is this saving habit in customers which can only be satisfied by all vendors through offers, discounts and coupon codes. This way the company can maintain and even attract more customers who would like to buy more of their products. RX-Direct.com has one saving option, it becomes valid after I bookmark the website: I get to enjoy the monthly discounts for this simple gesture.

This online store is quite different from other sites which I have reviewed, probably this is the reason as to why they have no reviews or anything to justify their credibility. Since they are committed to my privacy, how will I know that they are not selling information to scammers? SSL encryption technology is not enough to win my trust, so I am not sure if I can benefit from this store.

RX-Direct.com Discounts
RX-Direct.com Discounts
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