Rx-medstore.com is Out of Business: Its Domain is Seized—Now What?

Rx-medstore.com is one of the longest-running stores on the web but is now shut down by the authorities. The seals on the shop indicate that the store Rx-medstore.com was reprimanded by the United States government, and it is probably due to the fact that Rx-medstore.com delivered generic medications which are prohibited in US soil (generic Sildenafil Citrate, for instance, since generic Viagra products are not allowed by the US due to the patent protection laws for Pfizer’s Viagra).

Rx-medstore.com has been Seized by ICE
Rx-medstore.com has been Seized by ICE

Based on the notice visible on the Rx-medstore.com domain, the store may have been an illegal goods trafficker and also infringed copyright laws. These violations do not have petty repercussions; the store Rx-medstore.com may be facing fines of up to $2M for the counterfeit goods trafficking alone, plus up to a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of fines for the wilful copyright infringement charges. Besides the humongous fines for Rx-medstore.com, its operators are also facing also decades of imprisonment when proven guilty. This is such a bad report for Rx-medstore.com.

Rx-medstore.com History

Rx-medstore.com started out as “Prescription Online” in 2005 to 2007, but the shop changed its domain to Rx-medstore.com since 2011. The store then operated under the mentioned domain until its domain seizure in early 2017. The shop is characteristically keen on selling generic impotence treatments (without prescriptions although these items are strictly Rx only) and Rx-medstore.com sold the products for less. Generic Viagra was available for $1.38 per pill and generic Cialis was accessible for $1.75 per pill. These were great prices for erectile dysfunction treatments, as products such as Viagra and Cialis cost at least $60 per pill.

Rx-medstore.com Main Page
Rx-medstore.com Main Page

The store catered to global clients and offered pricing in USD, GBP, Euro, AUD, and others. The products available on Rx-medstore.com were typical of online shops; besides the erectile dysfunction medications, Rx-medstore.com stocked antibiotics, pain relief meds such as Tramadol, women’s health meds (birth control pills and others), antidepressants such as Prozac, and other meds. The Rx meds on the shop did not need prescriptions, which enabled buyers to get their stocks of Rx meds even without any doctor supervision.

Rx-medstore.com Alternatives

No-Rx stores such as Rx-medstore.com are rampant on the web, but there are seldom good stores to buy from. Operators tend to fish for money out of paying clients, and some even use credit card information to amass more money. This is a huge problem for buyers searching for stores which can help them save in cost, as the ground store prices for medications are too high and budget straining.

Although you may worry that almost all stores on the web are untrustworthy, you can be assured that the shops included in our recommended pharmacies list are good pharmacies and not scam stores. Your details will be safe with them and you’re assured of on-time deliveries of high-quality medications. Good stores are hard to find nowadays, and all the stores included in our list of recommended online pharmacies belong to those select few.

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