Rx-Medz.com Review – A Not to Be Trusted Store For Your Meds!

Front Page of Rx-Medz.com
Front Page of Rx-Medz.com

Rx-Medz.com is an affiliate of Sky Pharmacy. Your order will be handled by Sky Pharmacy, which is the company that provides all kind of healthcare meds. The main goal of the company as claimed on its website is to provide its customers with expensive high-quality drugs at cheapest prices. The exact location of the company is not known however, I found that this company was established in 2004 and since then, it is aiming at its goal for excellence.

As mentioned, wide range of FDA approved meds are being offered at this website including meds for allergies, antivirus, men’s health, asthma, birth control, heart disease, pain relief and many others. The company pays its main focus on the bestsellers of erection pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra etc. The home page of the company is loaded with such bestsellers along with its prices. On the top of the list is Viagra that was costing only $0.36 for per pill, while Cialis was costing a price $0.76 per pill. As per other reviews, the prices for these ED drugs on the website keep on fluctuating but it is claimed that all these generic drugs are made from the quality raw materials that a customer can fully trust.

As far as the payment methods for the company is concerned, customers do not need to worry as the website accepts VISA, Master Card and Amex. And to assure the safe and timely delivery, the company use Airmail and American Postal Service with the delivering periods of 2 to 3 weeks and 3 to 8 business days respectively. Moreover, the company offers free of cost shipping on all the orders above $200, but under that EMS cost $19.95 and the airmail shipping cost $9.95.

The company does not accept any return of the products and it is mentioned on the website that in case of products damaged, customers can contact their customer support. There is no online chat option available on the website, but there are contact numbers provided on the website for its EU and US customers. The US Customers can contact at +1 760 284 3222 and EU customers can +4420 3286 3820 and also, there is the online contact form that customers can use to ask freely their questions.

Rx-Medz Reviews:

Rex-Medz.com claimed that Sky Pharmacy has been working for the satisfaction of the customers. In order to verify the customer’s satisfaction with this company, the reviews from the customers are necessary. The customer reviews can help to determine the reputation and the services of the company that is why I tried to track the reviews that are available on the independent reviewing websites. Unfortunately, there were no reviews available for the company on independent websites, but there were some available in the testimonial section of the Rx-Medz.com.

All the customers reviewing this site are satisfied and completely happy with the results and services of the company. A customer from Spain named Samuel reviewed this company as, “Hi. Thank you for sending the Cialis I have received the ten pills you sent and have tried them. They seem too work very well so if you would still like to send the balance of the order in Cialis I would appreciate it. And thank you once again for all your help. It would be nice if there were more companys with customer support team as helpful as yours. Thanks again.”

Another customer from Andorra named Benjamin commented, “Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend.”

Rx-Medz Reviews
Rx-Medz Reviews

As a matter of fact, these all positive reviews are found on the vendor’s site, this means, they are owned by the seller. The seller can do anything to increase the sales ranging from modifying the reviews to paying the writers to give positive reviews. These reviews are absolutely not trustable as they exist on the other meds selling sites (copy/pasting content), like family-drugs.com, genericviagrasous.com and many others.

Rx Medz Reviews 2016:

Besides customer reviews, there are number of factors that can help to determine the reputation and the services of the company. This includes the traffic of the web page, its domain name, its domain location, its range of social media followers etc. As the customer reviews are not found to be authentic, so I decided to use these sources to track the actual reputation of the company.

Scamadvisor is one of the highly trusted website that covers all these points and reports the reputation of the company. And this report of Scamadvisor, you won’t believe what offered. According to the last report of the Scamadvisor about Rx=Medz.com, the site is either Panama based or its actual location is being hidden that can be dangerous for the persons carrying out e- commerce and sharing their personal details. So Scamadvisor gave it a rating of only 0 percent that makes this site to be very low rating.

Rx Medz Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Rx Medz Trust Rating by Scamadviser

All in all, according to this report of the Scamadvisor, it seems that the company and team of Rx-Medz.com is not doing very well and can be involved in some illegal or foul practices.

Rx-Medz.com Coupon Codes:

At the moment, this seems that there is o as such coupon codes being offered by Rx-Medz.com, however, this does not mean that the company is not offering any discounts for its customers. I found a number of discount deals that are directly related to the savings of the customers. Like a pack of ED pills containing 20 Viagra pills is just being offered at $59.95. Besides this, the company is also offering the free of cost shipping on the orders above $200. And for the customers shopping of worth $200 would also get a flat discount.

Discount Offer by Rx-Medz.com
Discount Offer by Rx-Medz.com

These deals are not that quite impressive as they are offering discounts only for the customers that are shopping for bulk meds.

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