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rx-pills.com is a too common name for a site. It is also notable that aside from having the name rx-pills.com, the company’s alternate name is also as vague—“Online Pharmacy”. According to rx-pills.com’s site info, it has been in the business for 7 years now and it is one of the few stores offering a 100% delivery guarantee for its clients.

Rx-pills.com has both generic and branded medications that are all approved by the FDA. US FDA approvals are available for brand-name medications, but Indian FDA approvals are the ones available for the generic medications, as all the generics on this website were sourced from the country. Since there was no mention that Rx-pills.com obliges its consumers to fax their prescriptions for any of the Rx meds on the website, we can safely assume that prescriptions are not required here.

I saw that Rx-pills.com has a lot of medications to offer, but I only had time to look at a few. Since I was particularly interested in ED meds, those were the ones I looked into. I was able to find brand-name and generics for the ED meds, and all of them were reasonably priced, and preferable to buy than those found at the local pharmacies. Eli Lilly’s Cialis was priced at $70.84 for 12 pieces (20 mg), Pfizer’s Viagra was sold here at $66.35 for 12 pills, and Bayer’s famous Levitra at $73.13 for 12 pieces also.

Shipping is charged $14.95 for AirMail shipping, which has 2-4 weeks waiting time. EMS or Express delivery option is also available for clients who need their meds urgently. There is also a minimal delivery insurance fee intended for guaranteed reshipments should deliveries fail; this fee costs a mere $3.75. Since Rx-pills.com has a 100% delivery guarantee, clients are assured that they will be able to receive their orders or at least receive compensation in cases of delivery problems.

As for the payments accepted by Rx-pills.com, there are a few to choose from: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Bitcoin. Clients are also able to contact Rx-pills.com by calling either of its numbers at +1-800-715-5341 and +44-203-318-5981. I have noticed that these numbers were also recurrent to other sites, meaning that there are other dummy or clone sites owned by Rx-pills.com’s operator. I find that dubious and also amusing at the same time because I can’t see the need for maintaining multiple sites as it confuses clients instead of making them trust the company.

Rx-Pills Reviews:

Rx-Pills Reviews
Rx-Pills Reviews

Kevin Logan and Mohammed Farooq were clients of Rx-pills.com thanking it for their receipt of the packages. Both of them gave Rx-pills.com good ratings and said that they will reorder.

Another review came from Jenny K. Schuster, who also rated Rx-pills.com with 5 stars. According to her testimonial, she appreciates how helpful Rx-pills.com’s support had been, so she will recommend its use to anyone who asks.

Though quite appealing, the issue with these reviews is the fact that they do not belong to Rx-pills.com. They are just copies of reviews found on multiple sites on numerous occasions. Seeing these copies, I thought: if Rx-pills is capable of faking its reviews, then it definitely is more than capable of scamming me too, which is likely to happen. So I just decided to keep away from the site, despite how tempting its prices may seem.

Rx-Pills.com Reviews 2016:

Rx-Pills.com Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Rx-Pills.com Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam Adviser gave Rx pills a rating of 0%, and named it “high-risk”, all the more confirming my doubts about the online store.

Aside from the reviews, there were a number of things that were also untrue about Rx-pills.com. Early on, I have mentioned that Rx-pills.com was 7 years old—turns out it was only nearing its 3rd year, to-date. And also, a having a rating of 0% does not seem capable of offering good service as Rx-pills.com so claims.

This rating by scamadviser.com just confirmed that I shouldn’t be trusting Rx-pills.com, as it can’t offer me even just a single percentage of safety.

Rx Pills Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on Rx Pills
Free Pills Offer on Rx Pills

Although no coupons were offered by Rx-pills.com, it gives out freebies on every order. It has free ED pills of the clients’ choice upon each purchase. Also, Express shipping is free for orders exceeding the amount of $500.

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