Rx-Zone.com Review – Limited Choice of Products and Expensive Prices

Home Page of Rx-Zone.com
Home Page of Rx-Zone.com

Rx-Zone.com is the online pharmacy based in Denmark that sells the medications to its customers. I found it be not that much informative as neither its “About Us” page was working nor the other links like “Contact us”, “Shipping Policy”, “FAQs” etc.

All I found on the home page was the line of medications that Rx-Zone.com provides to its customers. From the medication range, I guessed that the site is the facilitator of prescription medicines as well as over the counter medications along with some personal care products like weight losing aids etc. there were few categories for medications was mentioned on the site that included weight loss, anti- anxiety, pain relief, ADHD, sleeping medications and men’s sexual health.

I rushed towards the men’s sexual health section, but it was to my dismay that only three generic medications were available in that section. Generic Viagra was being sold at the rate of $8, Generic Phentermine at the rate of $37.5 and Xenical was being sold at the cost of 31$ with free of cost delivery. Well, honestly speaking not the best prices I’ve seen.

Furthermore, as there is no information being provided by the website about how many years it has been selling meds online, it is very difficult to assume the reputation of Rx-Zone.com. Moreover, neither the information about the safety and quality of its products, nor the details about the payment methods, shipping time, cost and delivery methods is provided by the vendors, making it more difficult for me to determine its credibility level.

The important thing that I found on the website of Rx-Zone.com was that the slideshow at the home page mentioned that they offer convenient shipping from anywhere in the world and at any time. However, the company does not offer any live customer support, but they have provided their contact number at the top of their home page as 1234567890 that customers can use to get more details out.

Well, in my opinion, I found this website to be not just up to the mark from where I can order my medications blindly.

Rx-Zone Reviews:

Just like many tabs on the site of Rx-Zone.com were unavailable, the customer reviews are also not found to be helping me. When I made my online search to find the customer reviews for this site, there were none available on independent reviewing sites. This fact created further problem for me in the analysis of the reliability of the site. The reason behind this fact is that independent customer reviews provide the genuine narration of the personal experience of the customers while shopping from a specific store.

Well, although no independent review was found, the website of the vendor shows the reviews from the customers. According to Eric from the London city, “I have been buying brand meds name for years and it never crossed my mind how much cheaper the generic versions were. When I started browsing the items I couldn’t believe the price difference! This is my go to shop right now.”

RxZone Reviews
RxZone Reviews

Well, as this review is not independent and is found only on the website of the vendor, it is difficult to judge its authenticity: they might be paid reviews, fake or manipulated by the vendor, in order to make their sales.

Rx-Zone.com Reviews 2016:

Further research reveals some interesting information about Rx-Zone.com. Although I still could not find the independent reviews from the customers, the scam detecting site, Scamadvisor gives this site a “High Trust Rating”. Moreover, the site gets the trust rating of 100 percent safe, but further it is mentioned that there could be some risks associated with this site, so you should be cautious and review the site and its information carefully.

Rx-Zone.com Trust Rating by Scamadvisor
Rx-Zone.com Trust Rating by Scamadvisor

Further, I found another review while doing my research about the company. This review was also available on the website of the vendor itself, just like the one I mentioned above. The review that I am going to explain to you is made by the customers named Jenna from Leeds.

According to her, “What’s great about this site is they have such a wide selection of products. I wasn’t happy with my current ED product was using, so I was able to try out a different kind and see if it was a better fit for my needs. Which it was!”

Rx-Zone.com Reviews 2016
Rx-Zone.com Reviews 2016

Well, I did not agree to this statement of Jenna that “they have such a wide selection of products”, as, I found only a few products in each section of the site. This shows that the reviews belongs to a vendor, trying to encourage the customers.

Rx Zone Coupon Codes:

Further, there are no coupon codes or discount deals available for the customers at Rx-Zone.com. The company can offer some regular and constant coupon codes in order to increase and maintain their customers. But this seems, the company is not at all interested in the customer care and their services.

Lacking the discount codes or coupon offers means that you have to buy the expensive meds from this un- reputed website. So, in my opinion, it is better to avoid the low quality meds at higher prices and just to go with the ones with high quality at affordable prices.

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