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Front Page of Rxdrugs365.com
Front Page of Rxdrugs365.com

Though it looks so much like the other sites I had been to, Rxdrugs365.com is different because instead of having medical categories for drugs, it simply lists the drugs available by name in one random list.

Rxdrugs365.com is a site selling both generic and branded medicine, and according to it, it is able to connect clients to its network of trusted medicine suppliers worldwide. I think that this store is not really a pharmacy, but another intermediary, which just “mediates” the sale of meds from pharmacy/supplier to the clients. There is no information as to where this site is operating from; how long it’s been operating wasn’t disclosed either.

Rxdrugs365.com’s products are FDA approved for export by the Indian FDA (because that’s where Rxdrugs365.com sources its meds), and is also approved by the WHO. But, there was no mention of the clients being obliged to submit prescriptions for the Rx meds they are going to buy, which is odd, as I am seeing Benzodiazepines like Generic Valium which needs valid Rx. The fact that the site sells drugs like Valium means that there is a possibility that this site is doing illegal business, and may be sourcing from illegal sources too.

The erectile dysfunction meds sold here at Rxdrugs365.com are all generic-made meds. It is m=notable that the ED products here have no drug information; when I visited the page for generic Viagra, I only saw the price list. As for the prices, they were actually affordable considering their generic nature. Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) costs $49 for 20 pills (plus a bonus of 6 pills) of the 100 mg variant and may be bought for a minimum of 5 pills. Vardenafil (Generic Levitra) costs $65 for 20+6 pills of its 20 mg variant, while Tadalafil (Generic Cialis) costs $75 for a pack of 20 (+6 bonus) pills of the 20 mg dose. It is good that the Rxdrugs365.com is able to offer the meds for a minimum of 5 pills per purchase, unlike the others which ask clients to buy from at least 10-30 pills per order.

There are various shipping options available for orders; there is a USPS shipping ($20), Insured Airmail ($22), EMS ($29), and EMS with insurance ($32). There is no mention, though, as to when this Rxdrugs365.com ships clients’ orders after payment. These fees, along with the product, may be paid for using Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, E-checks.

According to Rxdrugs365.com, it is able to reship or refund 100% the items which were not received by its clients. This also applies to products which were damaged during transit. Clients may be able to return the products they are not satisfied with, but Rxdrugs365.com does not exactly say what portion of the returned products it’s willing to refund to the clients.

Live chat support is unavailable by the time of my visit, but clients may leave their messages in the offline chatbox instead. Aside from that function, the clients may be able to reach Rxdrugs365.com only through phone at +1-866-985-8467.

Rx Drugs 365 Reviews:

Rx Drugs 365 Reviews
Rx Drugs 365 Reviews

A couple of client reviews were found on Rxdrugs365.com, and all of them, as expected, were positive in nature. I seldom see negative native reviews on sites. Paul Lansky, a client from Redwood City (CA) thanked the site for its “great” customer service and commended the site for caring for his needs and not only for the money.

Alisa Meggitt from Iowa City (IA) also was grateful for Rxdrugs365.com’s service, as she was able to receive her orders on time. According to her, she would reorder from the site. Alex Friedman (NY) also confirmed that he was able to receive his order, and within the time frame specified. He also said that the products were as good as the brand-name ones and that he will order again.

Aside from the broken English from these “US” customers, I discerned that these reviews were also from other online drugstores, and were found without any changes in them. The same clients with the same comments were also found in several sites, indicative that these reviews were not actually true.

Rxdrugs365 Reviews 2016:

Rxdrugs365 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Rxdrugs365 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Coinciding with the fake reviews is this low rating from Scam Adviser. Rxdrugs365.com was only given a 10% rating by Scam Adviser. Though only a year old, Rxdrugs365.com was already listed as a Rogue pharmacy. The fact that it is a young site also explains why it did not have any client reviews outside the site, from forums or pharmacy-reviewing sites. Since Rxdrugs365.com was rated a mere 10%, I can’t really trust it to handle my orders, for fear of getting scammed by this site.

Rxdrugs365.com Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on Rxdrugs365.com
Free Pills Offer on Rxdrugs365.com

There were no available discount/voucher codes for clients to use, but Rxdrugs365.com is giving away free pills on every order instead. There are free pills included in every purchase, even for purchases of just the minimum quantity of pills (5 pills).

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