RxGeneric.net Review – Cheap Pricing is not Enough to Convince Customers

RxGeneric.net Front
RxGeneric.net Front

It is noticeable that for RxGeneric.net, the name of the domain does not match the name on the site’s header. Rxgeneric.net is this site’s domain name, while the header says “World Health Pharmacy”. I believe that RxGeneric.net is an affiliate of “World Health Pharmacy”. The site sells both generic and branded prescription drugs, which are all FDA-approved (at least according to the FAQ). Clients can also order here without needing prescriptions; the site does not require Rx for prescription drugs, although the pharmacy strongly suggests that the clients check with their GPs first before ordering.

The site has certification logos like CIPA (Canada International Pharmacy Association) and MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacy Association), indicative that the site is based in Canada. The date on its copyright also dates the company’s origin back to 2004. Now, I do not know if these are indeed credible information; I still have to check because it’s fairly easy to embed pictures of the crediting bodies within the site without actually being accredited by them.

Although the site has a lot of meds to sell, its bestsellers are the meds for ED. There are both branded and generics sold in this site, so the clients have the liberty to choose which kind are they going to buy. Prices for both types are cheap anyway. The real Viagra costs $9.49 each for 4 pieces, but can get as cheap as $3.8 each when bought for at least 120 pieces. The price of the generic Sildenafil is good too; the cheapest it can go is $0.36 for bulk purchases. Brand Cialis here is cheap too (when compared to the local drugstore price), at $4.18-$10.46 per pill depending on the quantity.

For payments, the site accepts Visa, AmEx, and eCheck payments, and ships via Airmail or EMS (depending on the client preference). The Airmail option takes 2-3 weeks, while the EMS takes only 3-8 business days to arrive. Airmail shipping costs only $9.95; as for EMS, the site does not say. The pharmacy offers free Airmail shipping for orders $200 and up. In cases of delivery failures like lost parcels, damaged orders, or others, the company offers reshipments or refunds.

The site can be contacted by sending a message in the “Contact Us” portion of the site, and may be called at +1 760 284 3222 (US) and +4420 3286 3820 (UK). There is no live support offered within the site. There is also no physical address or postal address in the site, which for me, is a bit unusual for an online store or any online business.


RxGeneric.net Reviews:

RxGeneric.net Reviews
RxGeneric.net Reviews

There are a number of positive testimonials from the site. The most interesting one was from Jackson (Italy), who initially thought that the site was scamming him, but then he was able to receive his order, and then received another batch of reshipped meds.

Another client, John from Sweden, confirmed that he was able to receive his order. He also said that he had a “good experience” with the site’s service, and that the meds he received were effective.

Samuel, from Spain thanks the site that he was able to receive the Cialis he ordered. The meds, according to him, were effective, but he is still waiting for the remaining Cialis that were not yet received. Still, he thanks the site for having great customer service.

Benjamin (Andorra) and St. Patricks (France) claimed they were “happy” about their orders. They have received the orders and were able to try them. The clients were satisfied with the site’s service and product quality.

All these reviews are from within the site, however. I cannot take them as they are, because they may be altered statements. It could have been better if there were third-party reviews for this site.

RxGeneric Reviews 2016:

RxGeneric Trust Rating by Scamadviser
RxGeneric Trust Rating by Scamadviser

There are no recent reviews of the site, even from within the site, or from external sources. The result from Scam Adviser does not look good—it’s a zero out of 100%, meaning the site is totally not safe for clients to use, and has a great likelihood that the information given by the clients to this site might be compromised. The site is “high risk”, has a “low trust rating”, and is detected in Estonia/China, rather than Canada.

Although Scam Adviser is not a measure of service rendered by the site, it gives the trust rating based on the stats the collected from the site. This result is also a significant gauge of what the site can offer.

Rx Generic Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by Rx Generic
Discount Offer by Rx Generic

As for the coupon codes, there are none, but the site has a limited-time offer of free Viagra (generic) pills on every order. Also, the site also has free Airmail shipping for orders above $200. The site could have done more for the clients than these offers, but it’s probably OK to just have those considering the product prices are already cheap compared to the local pharmacies and the site’s online counterparts.

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