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RxlChemist.com Home Page
RxlChemist.com Home Page

The site’s name is rxlchemist.com, but there is this mention of “Online Pharmacy Store USA” in the home page. Why do sites sometimes have two different names? I believe rxlchemist.com might be an affiliate of Online Pharmacy Store USA. The site is selling generics, and as is the trend with most online pharmacies, and the main product of the site is the ED meds.

The site is located in the US (or we’re just left to assume so), but the meds are all generics manufactured in India. According to the site’s info, all the meds sold in-site are FDA approved, as the company takes its patients’ safety seriously. There is no information indicating how long has the site been running, but based on the reviews, I think more or less 2 years.

The pharmacy is not only offering ED meds. Surprisingly, I found the classic meds list again. It seems to me that online pharmacies offer almost the same products; I can seldom find sites offering a specialized roster of meds unique to the company. All of the sites offer the same products. The content is also nearly the same.

Because the site sells generics, prices for ED meds are quite affordable, and are comparably lower than the major branded ED ones, and its site contemporaries. This site in particular, has the lowest of all ED prices in the online pharmacy market (so far). And what I like about this one is that the prices are already low for an average number of pills—I do not have to buy like 200-300++ pills to maximize the discount. The drugs are only for my personal use, so I won’t be purchasing a huge number of pills , and it’s not like I’m going to start an ED retail business anytime soon.

Rxlchemist.com offers Suhagra (generic Sildenafil) at a low, low range of $0.70-$0.80 per piece for 32-92 tablets, and for the 100 mg variant already. The generic Cialis (Tadalista) 20 mg is also sold at a very cheap price of $0.50-$0.70 per pill, for purchase of 30-180 pieces only. No need for me to buy almost 400 pieces to avail the discounted price, as with the other sites selling ED meds.

As the usual accepted by online sites, this site accepts Credit Card payments and Money Gram. Shipping rate is a flat $20 on all orders, and it is already via EMS, which takes about 10-15 days to arrive. The site will give full refunds or reshipment for wrong, defective, and incomplete orders. For non-delivered orders, the pharmacy offers only reshipments for free.

Customer service may be reached through the live chat function of the site. But the system is currently offline, so I was not able to communicate with Support regarding my concerns. The store can also be contacted via this number, +13152151582; and be mailed through [email protected]

RxlChemist Reviews:

RxlChemist Reviews
RxlChemist Reviews

Well, I am impressed that this site had external reviews from Trustpilot.com, and that these reviews were positive. The site was rated 8.1 out of 10 by the consumers.

The review by Sam said that he was able to save about “50-70%” by ordering from this site. It was also noteworthy, according to the review, that the delivery process was swift. The review also commends the fact that the order he was sent was done anonymously.

Clients Sama Jean and Daniel Cross also commended the “excellent” customer service gave by the site. Sama Jean described that Support was professional and friendly. According to Daniel, he did not have problems in the order and dispatch, and he received his items in good condition. Sama also recommends the site for those who’d want to purchase meds online.

Rxl Chemist Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Rx l Chemist
Scamadviser Report on Rxl Chemist

I have tried searching for more recent reviews of the site from blogs or other parties, but I found none. The only ones existing are those that were from Trustpilot.com and were dated 2015. I know that third-party reviews are a good measure of a site’s service, but it is also essential to find more recent ones to judge the site’s service for the current year.

As for Scam Adviser’s analysis, it gave rxlchemist.com a Zero. Now I don’t understand why, but probably this is judging the site by its current performance, and not from its service from the past years. Since this site is labeled high-risk, I am now having second thoughts about trusting this site.

RxlChemist.com Coupon Codes:

The site offers a 10% discount for repeat orders. Other than that, the site does not have any more discounts or promos available. But I actually think that’s fair enough, considering that rxlchemist.com already provides the cheapest meds in the market, and also it has a fair shipping rate. That, I think, is sufficient savings for consumers.

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