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Front Page of Rx Pharmacy online 24
Front Page of Rx Pharmacy online 24

Seeing Rxpharmacy-online24.com gives me déjà vu because I think I might have seen this site’s layout and content from another site. Well, that doesn’t surprise me anymore considering the amount of similar-looking pharmacies online. I am baffled by the fact that this site had a different domain name (rxpharmacy-online24.com) and has a different name in its current header (Pharmacy Express/#1 Worldwide Store). I think it might be an affiliate of Pharmacy Express.

Anyway, Rxpharmacy-online24.com claims to have been up for 15 years, as this site states that the company started 2001. The site aims to give its clients high quality medication at the best prices with the fastest possible delivery times”. I’m excited to find out if that is true based on the site’s third-party reviews. It seems to me that that site wants the buyers to assume that it is located in Canada by sporting a red maple leaf in its banner. But there is none indicating where this pharmacy is really based.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com working with Pharmacy Express offers certifications from the FDA (according to the site, the products are all approved), CPA (Certified Public Accountant—where is the relevance, people?), “American Quality”, and Pharmacy Checker. It even included a license to resell from the New Zealand Board of Pharmacy (now I know the site is from New Zealand). BUT, I don’t see reference numbers or links from the respective websites of these certifying bodies. It’s easy to claim being certified and all, but, there has to be ample proof that these claims are really accurate.

The lineup of medications is really classic—as in classic-copy-pasted. I don’t know if this is a standard list of medications an online pharmacy should have, but I feel I am seeing this list more than I should. It’s all an alphabetically-arranged list starting from Anti-viral (or sometimes, ADHD) meds, and ends with Women’s Health. But of course, even if the site is claiming to have all these drugs, the main drugs this site is marketing (as with all of the sites), is the ED meds.

The prices for the ED meds are really low though. I think that is the main reason why they are the bestsellers. The site did not mention requiring clients to secure prescriptions for these drugs. But for our general information, ED meds are prescription drugs; they should not be sold without any Rx—it is illegal, even for online pharmacies.

Products are all generics; hence the price. The origin country of the meds is unclear, but the site did mention shipping from various locations (Hong Kong, India, Singapore, UK, and Germany). To give you an overview, Sildenafil costs $3.52-$5.70 per pill (when bought in 30s) depending on the dosage, and costs as low as $0.72-$3.50 (depending on the dosage) when bought in bulk, say 120-360 pieces. Tadalafil ranges from $3.34-$5.60 when bought in 30s and depending on the strength, but can lower to $0.72-$3.10 for large orders. There is an additional discount of 20% on top of the low prices, as the site is currently on sale for ED med packs.

Payment via Credit Card is the only payment method accepted by the site. The company ships internationally, and charges $20 for Regular airmail and $30 for Express Mail service. Regular mail takes 14-21 (or up to 35) business days, while EMS takes 5-9 (or in some cases, 25) business days to arrive. Free shipping is also offered for orders $300 to $400 via Regular Airmail, while EMS shipping is free on orders above $400, and costs only $15 on orders $300 up to $400. There is also this 45-day shipping guarantee where the company will reship any order that was not received within that timeframe.

The rxpharmacy-online24.com however, does not accept returns under any circumstance. The site advises to contact its customer service in case of wrong or damaged orders, but does not state what actions are to be taken. These are also the conditions for refunds: request to cancel order is sent BEFORE it is shipped, your product is not available at the moment, wrong item shipped, damaged package, broken pills), partial order received, product is not effective, package is not delivered within agreed time or was delivered to the wrong address due to sender error. Beyond these circumstances, the site will not issue any refunds.

As for the customer support, Pharmacy Express did not have a live chat. Customer service can only be reached through emailing [email protected], and calling the numbers +1-888-225-84-52.

Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Reviews:

Rx pharmacy Online 24 Reviews
Rx Pharmacy Online 24 Reviews

As for the reviews, there is positive feedback found on the site regarding its service and products offered. Reviews from John Smith and Caroline Johnson lauded the site’s product effectiveness, noting how much they liked the effect of the drugs based on their experience.

The review by Kevin Radner, on the other hand, commended how the customer support helped him through the order process, and even noting that Support enabled him to secure a 10% discount. All in all, the reviews are indicative that the clients are to order again from the site, due to the positive experiences they had on their previous orders.

As for me, however, I do not quite trust on-site reviews. When it comes to reviews, the ones that I trust are those from third-party sites, and not the in-site product and service reviews inherent in the site. It is nice that the site had those, but these feedbacks are not verified and may just be produced by the site for their own gain. This is not to be “mean” with this site, but I had to be skeptical about this kind of things because there are a lot, indeed a lot, of sites which are very manipulative when it comes to this area.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2016:

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2016
Rxpharmacy-online24.com Reviews 2016

Recent reviews of rxpharmacy-online24.com are the same—all in-site and no third party reviews. I am not impressed at the number of the positive feedback and the magnitude of the praises; I only care where they come from. If they’re not from any source other than the site itself, then it’s not credible. Period.

Rxpharmacy-online24.com Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Rxpharmacy-online24 Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Well, I think Scam Adviser agrees with me on this regard, as it gave the site an impressive (*drum roll, please*) zero percent rating. Yes, zero. This means that this site is absolutely unsafe for use. It also is indicated that the site is probably located in Germany or the US. And it is also a fact that this site is rarely visited, which makes the number of testimonials for the products in-site questionable.

Rxpharmacy-online24 Coupon Codes:

Coupon Deals Codes for Using on Rxpharmacy-online24
Coupon Deals Codes for Using on Rxpharmacy-online24

There are no coupon codes available for clients in this site, but what it is offering instead is a purchase bonus of 4 or 10 pills depending on the amount of purchase. Personally, I think that they could have done better than offer 10 free pills to whoever will purchase 200-300+ pills. Just my opinion, really.

What they do have aside from these freebies is a 20% discount on purchase of the ED meds by pack. There is also Free Shipping for orders $300-$400 via Airmail and via EMS for orders above $400.

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