Rxpillhome.com Disappeared: How to Avoid Purchasing from a Rogue Pharmacy


If you are reading this article, you are probably aware that Rxpillhome.com is closed and doesn’t accept any orders anymore. As a matter of fact, the domain has been seized according to direct orders from the United States District Court. Many pharmacies are being seized without any warning, being accused of certain federal crimes that a store just can’t recover from.

Rxpillhome.com has been Seized by ICE
Rxpillhome.com has been Seized by ICE

Online pharmacies such as Rxpillhome.com offer several medications at much lower prices than most local stores. This is due to the fact that these medications are manufactured in countries where the cost of living is lower, thus decreasing the production costs. The pills, however, are still subjected to health regulations from the respective FDA organization of the country where they are produced. Since many individuals cannot affordable meds at regular prices on a daily basis, they resort to these online stores as a way to get their drugs. Bigger pharmaceutical companies are, therefore, losing clients to these online stores. These companies often find a way to put small stores out of business in order to control the market and keep their sales high.

Rxpillhome.com Reviews

Very little is known about this particular pharmacy. The website is not accessible via Wayback machine and Rxpillhome.com didn’t have any customer reviews or blog posts. We are lead to believe that Rxpillhome.com didn’t have almost any visibility among the many users who actively search for an online pharmacy.

As a matter of fact, it is not unusual to not be able to find any sort of information concerning an apprehended online pharmacy. This is particularly true for recent stores that didn’t have a chance to grow a community of supporters.

Rxpillhome.com Main Page
Rxpillhome.com Main Page

Without any reviews, it is impossible to evaluate the store’s effectiveness and to conclude if Rxpillhome.com was, in fact, a trustworthy store or not. According to Scam adviser, the website looked safe to use, scoring 82% on the trust scale. However, this evaluation is not shared by LegitScript.com as this website considered Rxpillhome.com to be a rogue. LegitScript highlights that the pharmacy wasn’t following the required standards for an online pharmacy.

Rxpillhome.com Alternatives

Even though there isn’t any remaining information regarding Rxpillhome.com, the pharmacy could have been your go-to store at one point of your life. As someone that is looking for high-quality medications at discounted rates, the question you are currently facing is: Is there any other store I can trust on? Yes, there is! In fact, there are many pharmacies that you can rely completely on. Our website has a list of them, a list which contains all the information you want to know about a certain vendor. We analyze online drugstores and rate them according to their level of trustworthiness. We work every day to give you the chance of purchasing online medications without restrictions of fear or safety. All pharmacies rated as the best only source meds which are approved by the corresponding health entity. The meds are safe to use and waiting for you!

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