Rxpillshop.net Out of Service: Is There Another Source of Generics?

Over the past years, the Homeland Security Investigations has been investigating certain websites under the accusation of copyright infringement and trafficking of counterfeit products. Several online pharmacies domains have been seized in this ongoing investigation, including RxPillShop.net, a distributor of meds to treat sexual disorders.

Rxpillshop.net has been Seized by ICE
Rxpillshop.net has been Seized by ICE

The apprehension of suspicious online shops is not a new thing. There are many websites that are fake and rogues. However, some reliable online pharmacies are being penalized by certain operations just because they represent a competition to bigger pharmaceuticals in the industry. Online stores offer medications at much lower rates and if they continue to grow into the market they overthrow the leading pharmaceuticals sales. In order to avoid that, these bigger companies often find the means to close these websites, putting them out of business.

Rxpillshop.net Reviews

Rxpillshop.net was an online provider of many different kinds of generics, especially to treat several sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. The store was in business for more than 9 years as it started operating in 2004. The store claimed to be one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet, distributing safe generics sourced from India. According to RxPillShop, the meds were produced with the best materials at world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in India. Moreover, these plants were Indian FDA approved and internationally certified. The store did not mention its geographical location.

Rxpillshop.net Trust Rating
Rxpillshop.net Trust Rating

Except for the testimonials presented in RxPillShop website, no other independent reviews were available online. This could mean that the store wasn’t very popular among consumers. Nevertheless, RxPillShop.net scored quite a high trust level on analyzing tools such as Scam Adviser. In fact, the website was considered to be 87% safe and it used to be located in Cyprus. Even though the store claimed to be in business for more than 9 years, Scam Adviser mentioned that the domain is less than three years old. Furthermore, the store seemed to have interchanged domains over the years. This behavior is, sometimes, considered to suspicious and could have been the cause of Rxpillshop.net apprehension.

Rxpillhop.net Alternatives

If you are going through this article, you were probably searching for a store where to buy your meds from. The reality is that Rxpillshop.net is no longer available and you need to look for another viable store in the immense world of online pharmacies. Moreover, when looking for an online pharmacy, one needs always to research about a certain vendor in order to ascertain its trustworthiness. And that can take a while. But this is where we can help! We already did all that research for you and compiled our findings into a list of vendors. In this list, that you can find on our website, you will be able to access information such as the pricing range, type of meds the pharmacy provides, discounts and coupon codes, and shipping rates. Most importantly, we will tell you which online drugstores have approved and effective meds that won’t jeopardize your health. Our platform was built entirely to help choose which pharmacy is the best for you and your needs!

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