Rxpillsmd.net Review – Drug Store Trying to Manipulate Shoppers

Front Page of Rxpillsmd.net
Front Page of Rxpillsmd.net

The site rxpillsmd.net looks quite dynamic in retailing prescription drugs online, but seems to be more focused in advertising in its Erectile Dysfunction meds as compared with its other products. The site looks vibrant and blue, and I love how the site put a lot in its home page. According to the information I was able to gather from the site, this site had been selling meds 2004, and that gives it around 8 years’ worth of selling experience. As with the site’s location, I think that it is based in the United States, due to the fact that it can ship orders within the US in just 3 days.

Based on the site’s information, all the medications it is selling (either brand-name or generic) are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. The site has numerous types of medicines being sold in the site, but most of these meds are classified in the ED category. But aside from the noticeable inkling of the site to sell ED meds, it is notable that it has a “toy shop” too. This is a first; rxpillsmd.net is the only site I have seen that has a novelty adult toy-shop in-it. Not only does the site sell medications, it also has these hard-to-find adult toys, which I know, some consumers would be interested in buying.

Though the adult toys are interesting to delve into, I am mainly concerned with the site’s drugs for men’s health, AKA the ED medication. A major plus factor in this site for me is its storewide free shipping of the products, and that includes its ED meds. Rxpillmd.com sells the ED products at a low price, and for FREE SHIPPING! I am totally exhilarated seeing that the prices of the ED meds included here are inclusive of the shipping fee. I am one happy kid. The pharmacy’s Sildenafil (generic Viagra) costs only $2.90 each (10 pills/25mg) but becomes just $0.79 for the bulk order. Tadalafil is cheap here too, at only $6.90 each for a minimum of 10 pills, but gets as low as $1.09 each for greater number of purchases. These medications can be paid for using bank transfers and credit card, which is the usual payment method among sites.

Like I’ve said earlier, the shipping duties are already included in the price, so there is no additional fee to be paid for shipping via Regular Mail. Shipping time is between 7-18 days for orders. I don’t mind waiting for 18 days for my order if it’s going to be shipped free of charge. There is a faster shipping option for orders within the US area (3 days), but the site only advised to contact support for more information. With regards to losses in shipping, there is nothing/no policy pertaining to the action the site is prepared to take for situations involving errors in shipping.

I was happy that the site had customer support for its clients. I already typed my inquiry when a dialog box appeared that the site’s operators are currently offline. There were other ways to contact the site though; the site can be mailed in the contact page, and can be called through this number: +1-866-729-4247.

Offline Message on Rxpillsmd.net
Offline Message on Rxpillsmd.net

Rxpillsmd.net Reviews:

I have purchased Sildenafil from many of your competitors, but yours is the best all around. Thanks, I will buy Sildenafil Online from You soon. Derek

I recently placed an order for Sildenafil Citrate, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the speed of your service and the quality of your generic drugs. I will definitely be buying Sildenafil from you again! Thanks again,Matthew C There were a few reviews for the site; all were relating how pleased they were with the products they have purchased. Derek, a client, compared rxpillsmd.net to the other sites he already ordered from, and he concluded that this site had the best in terms of products and service. He also said that he is definitely up for another purchase.

According to the review by Matthew C, he was happy about the speed of his order’s delivery. He also noted the quality of the products he received. All in all, he was a satisfied customer and will order again.

Though these reviews were absolutely good to hear, I cannot change the underlying fact that they all came from another source, and were not the site’s own. It sucks that sites like this one can take to copy-paste reviews so that it can get ahead of this pharmacy game. Faking reviews was never a good thing, nor will it ever be. It also reflects what kind of character this site has.

There were no other reviews found for this site, even reviews from site reviewers and previous customers. It’s just too bad though, because I was already so engaged with this site. But that’s life, no reviews always equals to bad credibility, regardless how nice the site seems.

Rxpillsmd Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Rxpillsmd
Scamadviser Report on Rxpillsmd

The review from Scam Adviser is not that good too; it only gave a 47% safe rating. The risk is greater than the safe rating, as there is still a 53% risk involved compared to the lesser 47%. The site was also said to be “threat-listed”, meaning there were previous reports of malicious activity regarding this site. In any case, it’s better to be safe and avoid ordering from this site altogether.

Rx Pills Md Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Rx Pills Md
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Rx Pills Md

I have mentioned earlier in my ecstatic blabber that the site is offering free shipments of all the orders made in this site. The prices are already low to begin with, and those already including the shipping duties made me super happy. Aside from the store-wide free shipping (without a minimum order), the site is also handing over 10-30 pieces “bonus” pills for orders of at least 70 pills. That is a super great deal for clients like me. Even if it had no other promos, these existing deals already can suffice.

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