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Home Page of Rxpremiumexpress.com
Home Page of Rxpremiumexpress.com
Home Page of Rxpremiumexpress.com

I actually like the clean look presented by Rxpremiumexpress.com. According to the description, the site is an online site in its 9th year in the business. The site disclosed that it is selling mostly meds sourced from India and approved by the Indian FDA. Rxpremiumexpress.com did not disclose its location, though.

Most of the products sold by Rxpremiumexpress.com were generic medications manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies. According to the site info, all the products, aside from being compliant with the FDA standards, are also compliant with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940 (the generic ones). The brand-name meds are, by default, approved by the FDA too.

Rxpremiumexpress.com requires its clients to submit the appropriate prescriptions for their order when required by the law of their respective countries. The clients are supposed to fax or email the copy of the prescriptions before the site ships any Rx meds to them.

The site differs from the other online sites due to the classification of its products. If the other sites classified their products per medical condition, Rxpremiumexpress.com classifies its products into just several categories: General Health, Brands, Herbal Products, Beauty Products, and Supplements and Vitamins. It was still easy to find the ED meds, though, as they were easily found in the Brands category. I was able to see Viagra (Pfizer) and I saw that it’s sold for $99.95 for 8 pills (100 mg). I also saw Cialis (Eli Lilly) and saw that Rxpremiumexpress.com sells 8 pills for $109.95.

Shipping is free only on orders which exceed $150. But if the orders do not reach the said amount, shipping is charged $10 for Standard Airmail Service and $30 for Trackable Service. As for the payments, Rxpremiumexpress.com accepts Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and JCB payments. Rxpremiumexpress.com secures the clients’ information during payment by using 256-bit SSL encryption.

The store is able to refund clients’ payments in case there’s non-delivery of the products after the specified delivery period. Clients just have to inform Rxpremiumexpress.com’s customer support regarding the concern and the team will process the request for a refund. It would take about a week to process and credit back the amount to the clients’ credit card accounts.

For other questions, Rxpremiumexpress.com may be reached by using the contact form on the site, or by calling these numbers:

US Toll-Free:

+1 800 943 9753

EU/UK clients:

+44 1204 897361

Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews

There were a couple of client testimonials given by the Rxpremiumexpress.com’s previous buyers. Reviewers like Mark R thanked the site for being able to deliver his orders. Mark’s review revealed that he will use the site again for its service.

Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews
Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews

Craig C is another satisfied client; he told in his reviews that the customer support is helpful, and also appreciated the quick delivery of his orders.

These are great reviews indicate buyer satisfaction for the sore Rx Premium Express. These customer reports show that buyers were eager to make their purchases on this web platform due to its reliability.

Rx Premium Express Reviews 2017

More consumers still gave their comments on the shop Rx Premium Express. According to Christopher, his order arrived and was able to receive the items he bought from the shop. He also aired this appreciation for the store through his review.

Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews 2017
Rxpremiumexpress.com Reviews 2017

Alan, on the other hand, somewhat mentioned an oversight on the store’s part (he mentioned something about a reshipment). Whilst this should be a ground for Alan’s discontent, the user still ended up appreciating the store and stating that he will still reorder from this website.

Ed also was grateful for the service given him by Rx Premium Express. According to him, his order arrived “perfectly” and that he will do business again with the web drugstore.

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Bonus Policy of Rxpremiumexpress
Bonus Policy of Rxpremiumexpress

Rxpremiumexpress.com had a few surprises for its clients; the site rewards its returning clients with discounts (5-7%) depending on their order frequency. Free pills are also given away by Rxpremiumexpress.com, but for a minimum order of 20 pills. Shipping is also free, but for clients who have orders greater than $150.

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