Review – A Reported Fraudulent Site that Has Ceased Operation Now! Main Page Main Page cannot be accessed anymore, as the site closed down sometimes back. While we cannot ascertain for sure why this happened, we can review the available information about it to determine its legality and popularity:

Safedrugstock kept its original location a secret and also didn’t elaborate upon its credentials and years of experience in selling generic medicines online. It also didn’t share with its visitors any background information regarding the generic medicines it was selling, like where they had been manufactured. What is mentioned is that they carried an FDA endorsed status. There were a certain number of health conditions regarding which medicines were obtainable from Safe Drug Stock. These conditions covered depression, allergy, arthritis, blood pressure, viral and bacterial infections, heart issues, men’s and women’s health, pain, insomnia, weight gain, penile enlargement, and some others.

One could get hold of brands as well generic medicines in the erectile dysfunction category: Original Viagra (100 mg) could be obtained from here at the price of $8.04 per unit and $95.99 for 10 pills. Meanwhile, its generic equal could also be obtained at the price of $3.56 per unit and $35.99 for 10 pills. Original Cialis (20 mg) could be obtained from here at the price of $8.89 per unit and $106.99 for 12 pills. Meanwhile, its generic equal could also be obtained at the price of $3.70 per unit and $ $36.99 for 10 pills.

Buyers could use their credit cards to make purchases or they could pay through e-checks. Airmail service was being offered to customers free of cost, whereas trackable courier service cost used to cost $30. We are unable to determine the delivery time for these options now from the archived pages of the site.

When it comes to customer support, SafeDrugStock was supposedly entertaining communication from prospective buyers and customers. There was a US specific number +1 888 524 7141 and a UK specific one i.e., +44 808 189 1420. There was also an option to send an email. Customers were assured on the contact us page that they would receive an automatic acknowledgment mail right away, which would be followed by a response ASAP.

Safe Drug Stock has a return policy, according to which it would return a customer’s money in the case of failure of delivery of products. Reviews

One needed some proof that there were people who bought from Safe Drug Stock and were satisfied with the services; therefore, the testimonials’ page was checked for this purpose: Testimonials Testimonials

Johnny was a 34-year-old customer who went ahead and bought from Safedrugstock despite having fears about submitting his credit card information online and getting stuck with fake products in return. But he was genuinely happy to receive “genuine” products that arrived within the “expected” time span. He was also kept informed about his order status throughout and none of his queries were left “unanswered”. Mike was a Chicago-based customer who shared his experience of dealing with Safe Drug Stock support. According to him, he found calling the support line and using the online support chat options feasible. He too was apprehensive to buy medicines online but his order placement experience at went very well. He was “pleasantly surprised” to receive his product in discrete packaging, which when opened turned out to be “looking exactly the same as pictures”. Stephen Smith was a customer who placed an order for his grandfather and not himself. The delivery got a bit late and he was surprised to get a call from Safe Drug Stock to get his received order check to see everything was in order. He later realized that this procedure was undertaken to avoid credit card fraud and that Safe Drug Stock was indeed an “honest” company.

Since we never see anything negative posted on the generic medicine seller’s own website, it makes more sense to look for reviews related to the seller on independent sites like forums and sites reviewing online pharmacies independently, so as to get a more real picture about the authenticity of a seller. We were able to pull out a few reviews related to on Pharmacies Review. Feedback Feedback

A customer by the name Vlad reported on 4 September 2012 that he ordered from Safe Drug Stock through faster shipping and “never got anything” from this “scam” pharmacy. Omar Khan was another frustrated customer who wanted others to be aware that he didn’t receive anything from Safe Drug Stock even after a passage of 30 days and didn’t get any customer service facilitation either. He wrote on 3 September 2012 that he contacted the site “twice” but got no response. Therefore, he wants others to know that SafeDrugStock was “not safe” to use and was “stealing” people’s money. Likewise, Uwe too wanted others to “be aware” of the fraudulent practices of this company and lack of customer support through her review submitted on 3 August 2012. Damian Grigorov wrote on 29 July 2012 that despite his fears of credit card fraud, he placed an order at Safe Drug Stock and received his “genuine medication” in a timely manner from the “Asian Continent”. He sent one tablet for a lab test and to his

“amazement” found the contents to be “genuine”. This was the only positive review, as another customer called Max Johnson submitted a negative review on 26 July 2012 that this pharmacy was “bogus” and “sham” and run by “criminals”. An unnamed user also submitted his review on 14 July 2012 in which he narrated how he couldn’t “reach no one” after the order placement and that the site either had a “lousy customer service” or was a “scam”. Another unnamed customer shared his ordeal on 16 April 2012 that he placed his order on 17 March and paid $30 for express shipping with tracking but didn’t get anything even after 30 days passed. He found out that both the UK and USA phone numbers were “non working numbers”.

Safedrugstock appears to be brimming with negative reviews once we were able to dig deeper. This exposes the kind of scam and bogus web store it was. Reviews 2016

The reviews related to Safe Drug Stock were all from the year 2012 and the recent assessment revealed that Safe Drug Stock didn’t do any better in 2016 as well reputation-wise: Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

LegitScript assessed that Safedrugstock wasn’t following the legitimate practices of an online pharmacy; hence, it was a rogue and deviant website. Safety Information Safety Information

Scamner assessed that Safe Drug Stock wasn’t a safe site for visitors due to thin traffic. Coupon Codes Discount Offers Discount Offers had some attractions for prospective customers. They were promised things like 10% discount on subsequent orders, 4 free ED pills with all orders and 10 free pills on large orders, free ED trial pack for larger orders, and free shipment on all orders that exceed $200.

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