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Front Page of is an Ontario-based online site with a dedication to make accessible prescription generic medicines for consumers at the comfort of their own homes. main thrust is selling generic drugs to help clients save up to 80% of the fees related to brand-name drugs purchase and consultations. This company started vending these generic medicines from 2008, and is still in operation up to this day.

It was mentioned on the site that the medicines being sold on this site are mostly from both Canada and India. Now we know that India is one of the largest manufacturers of generic medication; not to mention one of the cheapest to source these medications from. No wonder why sites like obtains its meds from Indian manufacturers. With regards to the FDA-approvals, generic meds from India are approved by the country’s own F&D administration, and not by the USFDA, in case you’re wondering.

The site provides medication for almost all types of medical concerns, as the extended list of classifications imply. But as a client with an agenda, I move on to finding the secretly famous Erectile Dysfunction medication for men. Now, with this site having the long list of medication it has available, I presume that this Safemeds4all has the bestselling ED meds.

Just to be clear, this website is just an intermediary site; it is like a real-estate agent of medications. Intermediary sites just facilitate sales between the pharmacies it is connected to and the clients who wish to avail the medications. Also, this site has a stringent prescription policy where the clients are required to send their prescriptions to Support for every purchase. This is actually nice, considering there are a lot of sites which do not care whether the clients do not have prescriptions, some only care about the cash and not the safety of their clients.

Since this site’s products are mostly generics, I can only assume that the amount of each drug is affordable. And yes, it is indeed true; the medications being sold here are actually affordable for clients. As an enthusiast for ED medication, I looked into the products this site has and found out that it has a number of Erectile Dysfunction meds available for clients to buy. Prices are reasonable, the Sildenafil being sold here costs at mere $1.15 each; and the generic Tadalafil costs around $1.85 each for the wholesale price. Of course they cost a bit much when bought in retail, but still, these meds are still more affordable as compared with the name-brands. I searched on how I would be able to pay for the items if I wanted to buy some, and I saw that the site only accepts Visa and MasterCard payments though, because the other credit card companies charge far greater fees.

I was absolutely elated seeing the site asks no payments for shipping of its products. I absolutely am a fan of all things free, so this is like a huge deal for me. It is great that offers its clients this free-shipping-regardless-of-your-order promotion. The company will ship the items through Regular mail delivery, which takes an average of 15 days to reach the destination. It is alright with me though, as long as the shipping charges are free, which is indeed the case. This site also has a 30-day return policy for orders, no questions asked, and the postage fee will be reimbursed up to a roughly $10 amount. If in any case the orders do not reach the destination address, the site can either reship the products at zero cost, or refund the full amount in the client’s credit card.

I thought this site did not have its live support, but suddenly a pop-up screen appeared indicating that it does. So I did initiate a chat, and luckily found Robert, an operator, to entertain my questions. The website, aside from having this chat function, may also be called in its hotlines, and may be sent emails to using the message box function.

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Chatting with Customer Service Representative of Safemeds4all Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Reviews, for me, are key steps to discovering what type of service a site is capable of offering. There were some reviews written by clients for, and they were all decent comments about the site’s service.

Ryan Edwards, from Merrill WI, US posted about the “immediate support” the site has through its customer representatives. He commended the site in having one, as it helped him throughout ordering. It did say though that he was still waiting for his purchase to arrive. Karen Baker, who was from Australia, related how she was able to save a few bucks out of ordering from this site, because of its reasonable prices. She also noted how she appreciates the customer support this site has for its clients.

Kimberly Adams, a client from Singapore, noted how she was able to receive her orders only a week after the site shipped her parcel. She also appreciated the customer support, as did the other clients who posted in this site There were a lot more of these well-wishes and commendations for the site. They are actually great to see, but I am not as sure regarding these comments’ credibility as they were found merely inside the site. I hate to kill the positive vibe but there are actually some sites using forged consumer reviews; I am not saying that this site is one of them, but I had to be wary of everything I see in the site, especially the in-site testimonials.

I am looking for the credible external reviews; I have wrecked the net searching for reviews concerning this site but I am not-so-lucky after all. I did not find a single one referring to it.

Safe Meds for all Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Safe Meds 4 all
Scamadviser Report on Safe Meds for all

Because I had some difficulty searching for the reviews outside of this site, I just went ahead and checked the site’s status with my reliable friend to see whether the site employs safety measures to protect its clients from scammers while paying for their orders. Regrettably, this site only gave a 54% rating, indicating that there is some risk involved in ordering in this site. The site also garnered only a few visitors in the past, indicative of its low popularity among online buyers. Between this so-so review and not being able to find significant reviews about this site, I am starting to rethink my previous good impression about

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Of course, the main treat for me here was the free shipping. Oh, how I love free shipping! I always liked sites having this one because there are only a few benevolent sites offering this kind of promo. There were always the conditional ones offering waived fees at a certain hundred-or-so bucks’ worth of purchase. Shipping rates range anywhere from $10-$70 (yes, there are sites crazy enough to charge that kind of amount), and not having to pay for them is the best thing in the world.

There are also other promos being offered on, like the 10% reorder discount for the loyalists, and the coupon code discount of 5% on all orders. Just how cool is that? Along with the free shipping, the site also gives away a 5% discount on the orders. This site is so nice.

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