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Even though the site’s name is, I have this feeling that it is rather “unsafe” site due to its similar appearance to those devious and untrustworthy sites that I have been to. The site does not look too eager to promote its products—this site just looks super plain to me.

There is no clue as to where this site is located, nor were its years of operation indicated. The only clue I had was the broken English used all throughout the site. What I found out in one section of the site though, is that the meds sold in this site were being shipped out from India.

According to the “About Us” page, the drugs being sold by this site are all Indian generics approved by the FDA. Since the products are all generics, the prices for them are all way-lower than our regular branded medicine. contains the “regular list” of medicines that can be found in almost all of the online pharmacies I have been to. And again, even though the site sells all of these meds, this site (just like the others) claims that the ED meds are the crowd favorite.

For the site’s generic Sildenafil, the prices range from $1.25-$2.40 each (30-piece pack) depending on the strength of the pills. This site offers 100 mg, 125 mg, and 150 mg variants for Sildenafil. The lowest price clients can buy Sildenafil for is $0.53-$1.03 for purchases ranging from 240 pieces above. Tadalafil here is cheap too, as one can buy the drug from $1.85-$4.66 each (2.5 mg-20 mg) for 30 pieces; and for even lower prices for larger purchases.

Payment methods accepted by the site are through Money Gram, wire transfers and Western Union payments. The site requires a minimum of $75 for all orders. As for the shipping fees, the site charges $10 for Registered Airmail (14-21 days) and $25 for Express Mail Service (7-14 days). The site offers free reshipment of damaged/missing/non-delivered orders. Refunds are also eligible for those cases.

The site can only be contacted through live chat and by leaving a message in the “Contact Us” section. There are no numbers to call the site with, no email address, and there is no physical business address. Customer support was offline at the time of my visit so I was not able to chat with a representative.

Safe Med Store Reviews:

Safe Med Store Reviews
Safe Med Store Reviews

This site had customer reviews, and as expected, they are all positive. The users Johnny and Mike gave positive comments for the site’s service noting that the site gave them good service and products.

However, I would like to note that these reviews are also found in other sites. They are merely copied from another site’s reviews. This shows that all the positive comments found in this site are all fakes. I do not have the tolerance for this kind of fraud. I am totally turned off by this lazy copy-pasting of reviews. Sites like this one should be banned from existence, as they manipulate people into believing that they have a stellar reputation, but actually are just plain crap. Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Safe Med Store
Scamadviser Report on Safe Med Store

I am not surprised that this site did not have any referral from other sites or blogs. The result from Scam Adviser is rather low, indicating that this is a “suspicious” site. It was rated only “38% safe”, therefore should be avoided at all costs.

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The site is not running any promotional campaigns in the site, even small discounts or free shipping for a minimum amount of purchase. Like I have said earlier on, the site seems to put little effort in marketing its products for consumers.

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