Sale Pharmacy – Can Lead you to Scammers

“Sale Pharmacy” is allegedly a name of an online pharmacy network, although I failed to discover websites affiliated with this pharmacy network. Searching the web for any references to any Sale Pharmacy website led me to the web archives, which had a record for an old pharmacy, There are no more Sale Pharmacy websites existing on the web today—I visited the domain and I discovered that the domain is now for sale.

I was trying to look for other “Sale Pharmacy” websites and I was also expecting them to look the same—however, the web did not yield any result for my search. Pharmacy networks are usually composed of several similar-looking websites, as operators of the web pharmacy networks create multiple websites for their online pharmacy operations.

Due to the abundance website hosting services on the internet, it became easy for business owners to create multiple websites for their services. Pharmacy network owners, for instance, create several online pharmacies to allegedly boost traffic and sales. However, even if the web pharmacies look as if they are separate business entities, they are only created to gather orders and forward them to the central online pharmacy.

Sale Pharmacy Reviews

No buyer feedbacks exist for the Sale Pharmacy network. Because I was only able to get ahold of one domain for the whole network, I evaluated the domain ( using several databases in order to gather more details for only Sale Pharmacy website.

Sale Pharmacy Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Sale Pharmacy Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

I tried if the Sale Pharmacy website, is found in the database of one of the web’s renowned pharmacy associations, CIPA, or Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Unfortunately, I was unable to spot the website on CIPA’s database, which means that the store was an unapproved pharmacy by CIPA’s legislations.

Sale Pharmacy Safety Level
Sale Pharmacy Safety Level

To gain more acumen about the only website known for Sale Pharmacy, I tried evaluating the domain on one web platform reliable for assessing domains (

Also, according to the result from, the store was unpopular and had little visitors. aired a caution for consumers desiring to use for their needs, primarily because of the security concerns raised for the web platform.

Sale Pharmacy Online

Since the store, is now offline and its domain now for sale, I was only able to get details for the Sale Pharmacy website using its retrieved web records. The Sale Pharmacy site had records on the internet archive from November 2006 through May 2017, but the records show that the pharmacy was active only from 2006 until 2007.

Sale Pharmacy Website Main Page
Sale Pharmacy Website Main Page

The image above was the screenshot for Sale Pharmacy available on the web archive. The store appeared to sell various products for common medical conditions such as chronic cough, flu, asthma, and related conditions. The sale pharmacy website also has information for these medical conditions and for HIV, breast cancer, gastric cancer, and other related medical conditions.

Sale Pharmacy Domain is For Sale
Sale Pharmacy Domain is For Sale

According to the information on the internet archive for Sale Pharmacy, the website’s registry expired in 2007 and moving forward a few years after the 2006 record, the screenshots for Sale Pharmacy reveal a “for sale” status for the domain

There were no data concerning the disappearance of the web pharmacy and the internet archive records for the Sale Pharmacy site did not contain any clue for the shop’s premature closure. Presently, there are no existing Sale Pharmacy networks on the web, as the owner of the former Sale Pharmacy website seems to fail to renew the domain registry for the website.

Sale Pharmacy Coupon Codes

No former discount codes were available for the Sale Pharmacy website. The archive records for the website did not show any discount coupon or deal for the consumers. Freebie pills were also not given by the store to its clients and there were also no free shipping deals for the consumers.

Online pharmacies are usually lavish when it comes to their offers, as they are not only competing with other online pharmacies—they are trying to steal away consumers of ground drugstores. During my search for Sale Pharmacy discounts, though, none were available on the web, even on the internet archive site with former records of the Sale Pharmacy website.

Sale Pharmacy Numbers

Due to the present offline status of the only Sale Pharmacy website, I was also unable to identify phone numbers for the former website. I checked if the former records for the Sale Pharmacy site on the web archive site had any contact detail for the Sale Pharmacy website—the retrieved records did not have any contact information for the closed website.

Sale Pharmacy Spam

Since no spam complaints were directed at the Sale Pharmacy website, I used several platforms to evaluate the domain I initially used the site, then proceeded to utilize the other site, Here are the results for the domain analysis for the Sale Pharmacy site:

Sale Pharmacy Safety Information
Sale Pharmacy Safety Information

The overall score given to Sale Pharmacy by Scamner is only 0 out of 100, and it is due to its lack of SSL or security certificate. This means that consumers were at risk for data theft on their transactions with the Sale Pharmacy website. The store Sale Pharmacy did not also have trust records despite its long web run.

Sale Pharmacy Website Summary
Sale Pharmacy Website Summary

Scam Adviser’s analysis result for the website Sale Pharmacy was not as I expected. Scam Adviser detected a new owner for the website— was acquired by, thus obliterating the former details for the online pharmacy. Although there’s an analysis report for Sale Pharmacy, the report details were for the new owner,

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